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Academic Article Ovariectomy is protective against renal injury in the high-salt-fed older mRen2. Lewis rat.
Academic Article Estrogen receptor GPR30 reduces oxidative stress and proteinuria in the salt-sensitive female mRen2.Lewis rat.
Academic Article Decidualized pseudopregnant rat uterus shows marked reduction in Ang II and Ang-(1-7) levels.
Academic Article AT1, AT2, and AT(1-7) receptor expression in the uteroplacental unit of normotensive and hypertensive rats during early and late pregnancy.
Academic Article Estrogen and salt sensitivity in the female mRen(2). Lewis rat.
Academic Article Discoordinate regulation of renal nitric oxide synthase isoforms in ovariectomized mRen2. Lewis rats.
Academic Article Progressive diastolic dysfunction in the female mRen(2). Lewis rat: influence of salt and ovarian hormones.
Academic Article Differential effects of sex steroids in young and aged female mRen2.Lewis rats: a model of estrogen and salt-sensitive hypertension.
Academic Article In vitro reconstitution of human kidney structures for renal cell therapy.
Academic Article Amelioration of renal injury and oxidative stress by the nNOS inhibitor L-VNIO in the salt-sensitive mRen2.Lewis congenic rat.
Academic Article Differential regulation of circulating and renal ACE2 and ACE in hypertensive mRen2.Lewis rats with early-onset diabetes.
Academic Article Controlled regulation of erythropoietin by primary cultured renal cells for renal failure induced anemia.
Academic Article Cell therapy with human renal cell cultures containing erythropoietin-positive cells improves chronic kidney injury.
Concept Rats, Nude
Concept Rats, Inbred Lew
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Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Concept Rats, Transgenic
Academic Article Increased angiotensin II contraction of the uterine artery at early gestation in a transgenic model of hypertensive pregnancy is reduced by inhibition of endocannabinoid hydrolysis.
Academic Article Local uterine Ang-(1-7) infusion augments the expression of cannabinoid receptors and differentially alters endocannabinoid metabolizing enzymes in the decidualized uterus of pseudopregnant rats.
Academic Article Functional changes in the uterine artery precede the hypertensive phenotype in a transgenic model of hypertensive pregnancy.
Academic Article Photoacoustic Imaging for the Detection of Hypoxia in the Rat Femoral Artery and Skeletal Muscle Microcirculation.
Academic Article Local intra-uterine Ang-(1-7) infusion attenuates PGE2 and 6-keto PGF1a in decidualized uterus of pseudopregnant rats.
Academic Article Erratum to: Local intra-uterine Ang-(1-7) infusion attenuates PGE2 and 6-keto PGF1a in decidualized uterus of pseudopregnant rats.
Academic Article Systemic Outcomes of (Pyr1)-Apelin-13 Infusion at Mid-Late Pregnancy in a Rat Model with Preeclamptic Features.
Academic Article Chronic Muscadine Grape Extract Intake Improves Diastolic Function Associated With Lower Circulating Aldosterone in Hannover Sprague Dawley Male Rats
Academic Article Systemic Administration of (Pyr1)-Apelin-13 at Late Pregnancy Reduces Blood Pressure, Proteinuria, and Improves Autonomic Function in Preeclamptic Rats
Academic Article Impairment of Autonomic Function Precedes Blood Pressure Elevation in Rat Model of Pre-eclampsia
Academic Article Sex Differences In Aortic Stiffness Following Simulated Microgravity In Middle Aged Rats
Academic Article Sex And Age Specific Circulating Aldosterone Changes In Transgenic Hypertensive (mRen2)27 Rats And Hannover Sprague Dawley (SD) Rats And Its Association With Blood Pressure And Cardiac Function
Academic Article Enhanced Exercise Capacity By Muscadine Grape Extract Treatment Is Only Evident In Older Hypertensive Female Rats And Is Independent Of Blood Pressure
Academic Article Sex Dimorphism in Prostaglandins’ Role in Thromboxane-dependent Contraction in the Rat Middle Cerebral Artery
Grant Endogenous Apelin Receptor Ligands and Early Stages of Preeclamptic Pregnancy
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