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About Wake Forest School of Medicine Profiles

1. Why should I use Profiles?

  • Integrates with faculty biographical pages on Wake Forest University School of Medicine (WFUSM) and serves as the official aggregator of research networking opportunities across the Atrium Health enterprise.
  • Search for collaborators or recruits by department, research area and more!
  • For more, visit the About page.

2. How do I get a profile?

  • WFUSM Profiles accounts are automatically generated by our enterprise human resource system for individuals designated as Faculty within the WFUSM. We are unable at this time to create profiles for those not designated as faculty.

3. Where do I go for help?

  • For General Support and Platform issues contact General support examples include troubleshooting/updating publications or a simple primer on getting started with the platform. Platform issues could include error messages, missing profiles information, permission issues, proxy request or publication report requests.

4. How do I log in?

  • Once a user is automatically added by the enterprise HR system, they can use their institutional log-in credentials to access their WFUSM Profiles account.

5. How is the information listed in my WFUSM Profile generated?

  • The user’s name, title/appointment, department, and email are pulled from the enterprise human resource system.

6. How do I delegate access to my Profile?

  • Note: WFUSM Profiles calls delegates proxies. Proxy editors are people who can edit other people's profiles on their behalf.
  • Faculty can choose Manage Proxies after logging into their account to designate a proxy editor for their profile.
  • Administrative assistants can reach out to to request proxy access to their department's faculty. Please send a list of all department faculty (and their medctr id's) included in the proxy request. Proxy editors can manage multiple profiles.

7. How do I update my publications?

  • After logging in, search for your profile
  • Click Edit my profile
  • In edit menu, scroll down to the Category: Bibliographic. Click on selected publications.
  • Edit publications by searching for PubMed ID or by manual entry
    • Search by PMID, Author name, or Keyword.
    • Note: Sometimes alternate or multiple searches needed to find correct publication.
  • To delete publication, click trashcan icon. Pencil icon indicates publication was added manually.
  • Click on pencil icon to edit.

8. How are my publications ordered?

  • Within WFUSM Profiles, users can filter publications to appear by Newest, Oldest, Most Cited, and Most Discussed. WFUSM Faculty bio webpages interface with WFUSM Profiles by pulling the five most recent publications and applying a link back to WFUSM Profiles for a full listing of publications.

9. Why are there missing or incorrect publications in my Profile?

  • Publications are added automatically from PubMed and manually by faculty themselves. WFUSM Profiles uses an algorithm to find articles from PubMed to minimize the number of publications incorrectly added to a profile. However, publications are occasionally missed, particularly for faculty with common names or whose articles were written while at other institutions. We encourage all faculty to login to WFUSM Profiles on a regular cadence to add any missing publications or remove incorrect ones. The more users interact the better the platform becomes at matching.

10. How are my concepts, co-authors, or list of similar people developed?

  • WFUSM Profiles automatically generates these from the PubMed articles listed within your profile. Users can improve these lists by keeping your publications up to date. Please note that it takes up to 24 hours for the system to update user’s concepts, co-authors, and similar people after you have modified your publications.

11. How do I update my awards and honors?

  • Log in and click on Edit My Profile
  • Under Category: Research, select research activities and funding
  • Edit funding by looking up NIH ID
  • Add custom funding by searching

12. How do I update my research overview

  • Login and click on Edit My Profile
  • Click on Category Overview: overview
  • Click pencil icon to edit

13. How do I add a Twitter feed?

  • Login and click on Edit My Profile
  • Click on Category Featured Content
  • Select Twitter and add Twitter handle (eg@wfctsi)

14. How do I add featured videos?

  • Login and click on Edit My Profile
  • Click on Category Featured Content
  • Click on Add YouTube
  • Enter YouTube URL

15. How do I add a featured website?

  • Login and click on Edit My Profile
  • Click on Category Overview: Add Webpage
  • Enter title and URL

16. How do I add keyword terms?

  • Login and click on Edit My Profile
  • Click on Category Overview: Keywords
  • Add individual keywords and save
  • Edit keywords with pencil and trash can icons

17. How do I edit content on my Lab page or create a Lab page on

  • All Lab pages are managed by the School of Medicine Web team. Requests are processed through WakeHealth’s Service Now Website Request portal.