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Academic Article A patient satisfaction theory and its robustness across gender in emergency departments: a multigroup structural equation modeling investigation.
Academic Article Identifying priority actions for improving patient satisfaction with outpatient cancer care.
Academic Article Inpatient heart failure treatment from the patient's perspective.
Academic Article Inpatients' ratings of care in 5 common clinical conditions.
Academic Article Patient perceptions of quality in discharge instruction.
Academic Article Construct validation of a physician satisfaction survey.
Academic Article Improving assisted living care.
Academic Article Using patient evaluations to empirically assess medicaid programs for social justice.
Academic Article Aspetti da considerare nella costruzione di uno strumento di misurazione della soddisfazione del paziente (Issues to consider in designing a patient satisfaction measurement system)
Academic Article A measure of satisfaction for the assisted-living industry.
Academic Article Pain management: the fifth vital sign.
Academic Article Physician gender and primary care patient satisfaction: no evidence of "feminization".
Academic Article Hospital-level correlation between clinical and service quality performance for heart failure treatment.
Academic Article Test of a web and paper employee satisfaction survey: Comparison of respondents and non-respondents
Concept Job Satisfaction
Concept Patient Satisfaction
Academic Article COMPASS-CP: An Electronic Application to Capture Patient-Reported Outcomes to Develop Actionable Stroke and Transient Ischemic Attack Care Plans.
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