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Concept Survival Rate
Concept Down-Regulation
Concept Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung
Concept Etoposide
Concept Weight Loss
Concept Clone Cells
Concept Administration, Oral
Concept Carcinoma, Lewis Lung
Concept BCG Vaccine
Concept Antineoplastic Agents
Concept Colorectal Neoplasms
Concept T-Lymphocyte Subsets
Concept Pathology, Molecular
Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
Concept Carcinoma, Large Cell
Concept Mitosis
Concept Lymphocytes, Tumor-Infiltrating
Concept Adenocarcinoma
Concept Genes, ras
Concept Retrospective Studies
Concept Genes, Neoplasm
Concept Genes, p53
Concept Signal Transduction
Concept Disease Models, Animal
Concept Apoptosis
Concept DNA Polymerase II
Concept Tumor Suppressor Protein p53
Concept Brain Diseases, Metabolic
Concept CD8-Positive T-Lymphocytes
Concept Disease Progression
Concept Endonucleases
Concept Carcinoma, Squamous Cell
Concept CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes
Concept Ether-A-Go-Go Potassium Channels
Concept Tea
Concept Deoxycytidine
Concept Genes, erbB-1
Concept Follow-Up Studies
Concept Carcinoma, Small Cell
Concept Cell Line, Tumor
Academic Article Phase I study of green tea extract in patients with advanced lung cancer.
Academic Article Phase III study of adjuvant vaccination with Bec2/bacille Calmette-Guerin in responding patients with limited-disease small-cell lung cancer (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer 08971-08971B; Silva Study).
Academic Article Thymomas and thymic carcinomas: Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology.
Academic Article Non-small cell lung cancer, version 2.2013.
Academic Article Enhancement of antitumor immunity in lung cancer by targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cell pathways.
Academic Article Non-small cell lung cancer and precision medicine: a model for the incorporation of genomic features into clinical trial design.
Academic Article Phase I/IIa study of sequential chemotherapy regimen of bendamustine/irinotecan followed by etoposide/carboplatin in untreated patients with extensive disease small cell lung cancer (EDSCLC).
Academic Article Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase regulates anti-tumor immunity in lung cancer by metabolic reprogramming of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment.
Academic Article Circulating mutational portrait of cancer: manifestation of aggressive clonal events in both early and late stages.
Academic Article Mutational Landscapes of Smoking-Related Cancers in Caucasians and African Americans: Precision Oncology Perspectives at Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center.
Academic Article Favorable outcome of patients with lung adenocarcinoma harboring POLE mutations and expressing high PD-L1.
Academic Article Evaluation of Prexasertib, a Checkpoint Kinase 1 Inhibitor, in a Phase Ib Study of Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
Academic Article Site of Metastases as Prognostic Factors in Unselected Population of Stage IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Academic Article Circulating immune biomarkers as predictors of the response to pembrolizumab and weekly low dose carboplatin and paclitaxel in NSCLC and poor PS: An interim analysis.
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