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Academic Article Gabapentin activates spinal noradrenergic activity in rats and humans and reduces hypersensitivity after surgery.
Academic Article Gabapentin inhibits ?-amino butyric acid release in the locus coeruleus but not in the spinal dorsal horn after peripheral nerve injury in rats.
Academic Article Ondansetron reverses antihypersensitivity from clonidine in rats after peripheral nerve injury: role of ?-aminobutyric acid in a2-adrenoceptor and 5-HT3 serotonin receptor analgesia.
Academic Article Oral gabapentin activates spinal cholinergic circuits to reduce hypersensitivity after peripheral nerve injury and interacts synergistically with oral donepezil.
Academic Article Multiplicative interactions to enhance gabapentin to treat neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Gabapentin acts within the locus coeruleus to alleviate neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Lack of analgesic efficacy of spinal ondansetron on thermal and mechanical hypersensitivity following spinal nerve ligation in the rat.
Academic Article A tropomyosine receptor kinase inhibitor blocks spinal neuroplasticity essential for the anti-hypersensitivity effects of gabapentin and clonidine in rats with peripheral nerve injury.
Academic Article Riluzole and gabapentinoids activate glutamate transporters to facilitate glutamate-induced glutamate release from cultured astrocytes.
Academic Article Relief of hypersensitivity after nerve injury from systemic donepezil involves spinal cholinergic and ?-aminobutyric acid mechanisms.
Concept gamma-Aminobutyric Acid
Concept Receptors, GABA-B
Concept GABA Agents
Concept GABA Antagonists
Academic Article Gabapentin increases extracellular glutamatergic level in the locus coeruleus via astroglial glutamate transporter-dependent mechanisms.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury and gabapentin, but not their combination, impair attentional behavior via direct effects on noradrenergic signaling in the brain.
Academic Article Gabapentin loses efficacy over time after nerve injury in rats: role of glutamate transporter-1 in the locus coeruleus.
Academic Article Blockade of a2-adrenergic or metabotropic glutamate receptors induces glutamate release in the locus coeruleus to activate descending inhibition in rats with chronic neuropathic hypersensitivity.
Academic Article Descending Noradrenergic Inhibition: An Important Mechanism of Gabapentin Analgesia in Neuropathic Pain.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury in rats induces alternations in choice behavior associated with food reinforcement.
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