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AAIM Guidelines for Interview and Post-Interview Communication for Graduate Medical Education Recruitment.Academic Article Why?
Simulation in graduate medical education 2008: a review for emergency medicine.Academic Article Why?
Tactical EMS: an emerging opportunity in graduate medical education.Academic Article Why?
David C. Leach Award for outstanding contributions to Graduate Medical EducationAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Education, Medical, GraduateConcept Why?
Follow-up on a national survey: american neurosurgery resident opinions on the 2011 accreditation council for graduate medical education-implemented duty hours.Academic Article Why?
The ACGME and the residency review committee: external program review. Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
The role that graduate medical education must play in ensuring health equity and eliminating health care disparities.Academic Article Why?
Hartman, NicholasPerson Why?
A cost-effective junior resident training and assessment simulator for orthopaedic surgical skills via fundamentals of orthopaedic surgery: AAOS exhibit selection.Academic Article Why?
A hospitalist postgraduate training program for physician assistants.Academic Article Why?
A longitudinal, experiential quality improvement curriculum meeting ACGME competencies for geriatrics fellows: lessons learned.Academic Article Why?
A multi-institutional high-fidelity simulation "boot camp" orientation and training program for first year pediatric critical care fellows.Academic Article Why?
A practical application of practice-based learning: development of an algorithm for empiric antibiotic coverage in ventilator-associated pneumonia.Academic Article Why?
Adoption of a Uniform Start Date for Internal Medicine Fellowships and Other Advanced Training: An AAIM White Paper.Academic Article Why?
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