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Concept Cryopreservation
Academic Article Novel cryopreservation medium for enhanced stability of T cells at -80 °C (Accepted)
Academic Article Efficient long-term cryopreservation of pluripotent stem cells at -80?°C.
Academic Article Melting point equations for the ternary system water/sodium chloride/ethylene glycol revisited.
Academic Article Measurement of the size of intracellular ice crystals in mouse oocytes using a melting point depression method and the influence of intracellular solute concentrations.
Academic Article Measurement of the apparent diffusivity of ethylene glycol in mouse ovaries through rapid MRI and theoretical investigation of cryoprotectant perfusion procedures.
Academic Article Investigations on the heat transport capability of a cryogenic oscillating heat pipe and its application in achieving ultra-fast cooling rates for cell vitrification cryopreservation.
Academic Article Numerical investigations of transient heat transfer characteristics and vitrification tendencies in ultra-fast cell cooling processes.
Academic Article A modified differential scanning calorimetry for determination of cell volumetric change during the freezing process.
Academic Article Improved cryopreservation media formulation reduces costs of maintenance while preserving function of genetically modified insect cells.
Academic Article Cryoprotective Mechanism of Using Ficoll for Cell Cryopreservation at Non-Cryogenic Temperatures: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Academic Article Direct Microscale Measurement of Mouse Oocyte Membrane Permeability to Water and Ethylene Glycol at Subzero Temperatures Using Cryomicroscopy.
Academic Article A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Mechanical Damage to Rodent Sperm Generated by Microscale Ice Formation.
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