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Concept Rats, Inbred F344
Concept Rats, Inbred BN
Concept Rats, Inbred BUF
Concept Rats, Inbred WKY
Concept Rats, Inbred Strains
Concept Rats, Inbred ACI
Concept Rats
Concept Rats, Wistar
Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Academic Article Identification of genetic loci involved in diabetes using a rat model of depression.
Academic Article Distinct genetic regulation of progression of diabetes and renal disease in the Goto-Kakizaki rat.
Academic Article Heterogeneous stock rats: a new model to study the genetics of renal phenotypes.
Academic Article Fine-mapping a locus for glucose tolerance using heterogeneous stock rats.
Academic Article Rats are the smart choice: Rationale for a renewed focus on rats in behavioral genetics.
Academic Article Strong genetic influences on measures of behavioral-regulation among inbred rat strains.
Academic Article Fine-mapping diabetes-related traits, including insulin resistance, in heterogeneous stock rats.
Academic Article Identification of a novel gene for diabetic traits in rats, mice, and humans.
Academic Article Spontaneous one-kidney rats are more susceptible to develop hypertension by DOCA-NaCl and subsequent kidney injury compared with uninephrectomized rats.
Grant Systems Genetics of Adiposity Traits in Outbred Rats
Grant Genome-wide fine-mapping of metabolic traits in heterogeneous stock rats
Grant Fine mapping NIDDM QTL 1 using heterogeneous stock rats
Academic Article Heterogeneous stock rats: a model to study the genetics of despair-like behavior in adolescence.
Academic Article Do computers dream of electric glomeruli?
Academic Article Genetic Fine-Mapping and Identification of Candidate Genes and Variants for Adiposity Traits in Outbred Rats.
Academic Article Region-Based Convolutional Neural Nets for Localization of Glomeruli in Trichrome-Stained Whole Kidney Sections.
Academic Article Comparative Microbiome Signatures and Short-Chain Fatty Acids in Mouse, Rat, Non-human Primate, and Human Feces.
Academic Article Using Heterogeneous Stocks for Fine-Mapping Genetically Complex Traits.
Academic Article Incentive salience attribution, "sensation-seeking" and "novelty-seeking" are independent traits in a large sample of male and female heterogeneous stock rats.
Academic Article Social and anxiety-like behaviors contribute to nicotine self-administration in adolescent outbred rats.
Grant Systems genetics to identify neuronal genes for diet-induced obesity
Academic Article Nociceptin attenuates the escalation of oxycodone self-administration by normalizing CeA-GABA transmission in highly addicted rats.
Academic Article High-fat diet negatively impacts both metabolic and behavioral health in outbred heterogeneous stock rats.
Academic Article The paraventricular thalamus is a critical mediator of top-down control of cue-motivated behavior in rats.
Academic Article Genome-Wide Association Study in 3,173 Outbred Rats Identifies Multiple Loci for Body Weight, Adiposity, and Fasting Glucose.
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