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Concept Mice, Knockout
Academic Article Early mitochondrial adaptations in skeletal muscle to diet-induced obesity are strain dependent and determine oxidative stress and energy expenditure but not insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article Iron-mediated inhibition of mitochondrial manganese uptake mediates mitochondrial dysfunction in a mouse model of hemochromatosis.
Academic Article Systemic PPAR? deletion impairs circadian rhythms of behavior and metabolism.
Academic Article Adipocyte iron regulates adiponectin and insulin sensitivity.
Academic Article Saturated fatty acids inhibit hepatic insulin action by modulating insulin receptor expression and post-receptor signalling.
Academic Article Oxidative stress, beta-cell apoptosis, and decreased insulin secretory capacity in mouse models of hemochromatosis.
Academic Article Dietary iron restriction or iron chelation protects from diabetes and loss of beta-cell function in the obese (ob/ob lep-/-) mouse.
Academic Article The role of mPer2 clock gene in glucocorticoid and feeding rhythms.
Academic Article Contribution of insulin and Akt1 signaling to endothelial nitric oxide synthase in the regulation of endothelial function and blood pressure.
Academic Article Insulin signaling coordinately regulates cardiac size, metabolism, and contractile protein isoform expression.
Academic Article MyD88 regulates physical inactivity-induced skeletal muscle inflammation, ceramide biosynthesis signaling, and glucose intolerance.
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