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Academic Article The gamma-Na+,K+-ATPase subunit assembles selectively with alpha1/beta1-Na+,K+-ATPase but not with the colonic H+,K+-ATPase.
Academic Article A carboxy-terminus motif of HKalpha2 is necessary for assembly and function.
Academic Article Adrenergic regulation of (Na+, K+)-ATPase activity in proximal tubules of spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic pH in pulmonary macrophages: recovery from acid load is Na+ independent and NEM sensitive.
Academic Article ATP-sensitive K(+)-selective channels of inner medullary collecting duct cells.
Academic Article H(+)-K(+)-ATPase mediates net acid secretion in rat terminal inner medullary collecting duct.
Academic Article Effect of chronic hypokalemia on H(+)-K(+)-ATPase expression in rat colon.
Academic Article Adaptation to low-K+ media increases H(+)-K(+)-ATPase but not H(+)-ATPase-mediated pHi recovery in OMCD1 cells.
Academic Article The carboxy terminus of the colonic H(+), K(+)-ATPase alpha-subunit is required for stable beta subunit assembly and function.
Academic Article The effect of beta-subunit assembly on function and localization of the colonic H+,K+-ATPase alpha-subunit.
Academic Article Role of H(+)-K(+)-ATPase in pHi regulation in inner medullary collecting duct cells in culture.
Academic Article The alpha-subunit of the colonic H+,K+-ATPase assembles with beta1-Na+,K+-ATPase in kidney and distal colon.
Academic Article Dietary K+ restriction upregulates total and Sch-28080-sensitive bicarbonate absorption in rat tIMCD.
Academic Article The colonic H+,K+-ATPase functions as a Na+-dependent K+(NH4+)-ATPase in apical membranes from rat distal colon.
Academic Article Sch-28080 depletes intracellular ATP selectively in mIMCD-3 cells.
Concept Potassium
Concept Large-Conductance Calcium-Activated Potassium Channel alpha Subunits
Concept Potassium, Dietary
Concept Potassium Channels, Inwardly Rectifying
Concept Potassium Deficiency
Concept Sodium-Potassium-Exchanging ATPase
Concept Potassium Channels
Grant Mechanism of Renal Acid- Base Homeostasis
Academic Article Regulation of Potassium Homeostasis in CKD.
Academic Article Inadequate Dietary Potassium and Progression of CKD.
Academic Article Renal and colonic potassium transporters in the pregnant rat.
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