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Academic Article AT1, AT2, and AT(1-7) receptor expression in the uteroplacental unit of normotensive and hypertensive rats during early and late pregnancy.
Concept Pre-Eclampsia
Academic Article Hemodynamic responses to angiotensin-(1-7) in women in their third trimester of pregnancy.
Academic Article Functional changes in the uterine artery precede the hypertensive phenotype in a transgenic model of hypertensive pregnancy.
Academic Article Downregulation of apelin in the human placental chorionic villi from preeclamptic pregnancies.
Academic Article Potential for miRNAs as Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets in Preeclampsia.
Grant Longitudinal Assessments of Placental Oxygenation and Perfusion Using Ultrasound and Photoacoustics.
Academic Article Systemic Outcomes of (Pyr1)-Apelin-13 Infusion at Mid-Late Pregnancy in a Rat Model with Preeclamptic Features.
Academic Article Impairment of Autonomic Function Precedes Blood Pressure Elevation in Rat Model of Pre-eclampsia
Academic Article Increased Uterine Interimplantation Levels of Ang II, AT1R, and CB1R are Associated with Reduced Uterine Permeability at Early Pregnancy in a Transgenic Model of Preeclampsia
Academic Article Increased Role of COX-derived Prostanoids in Regulating Ang II Induced Uterine Artery Contraction at Early Pregnancy in a Transgenic Model of Preeclampsia
Academic Article Apelin as a Novel Therapeutic Target in Preeclampsia
Grant Endogenous Apelin Receptor Ligands and Early Stages of Preeclamptic Pregnancy
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