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overview I have been at Wake Forest University since 2003 and currently serve as associate head of the Virginia Tech - Wake Forest University School of Biomedical Engineering and Sciences, as well as program leader of the Virginia Tech – Wake Forest University Center for Injury Biomechanics. My specialty and area of training is biomechanics. My interests include human injury biomechanics, particularly computational modeling of the human body and the relationship between computational model-based metrics and criteria and real-world injury and disease. I have served as co-PI of a Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) Center at WFU since 2005. I was the founding PI of the Global Human Body Models Consortium (GHBMC) Integration Center at Wake Forest, an organizer in a global endeavor to create an industry-standard virtual human model for injury prediction. Our research group’s multidisciplinary teams have received support from the NIH NINDS to study concussion and subconcussion. We use instrumentation, neurocognitive testing and medical imaging to better understand the biomechanical basis of and physiologic response to subconcussive head impacts in youth sports. Our group has developed an in-mouth sensor for measurement of head impacts in helmeted and non-helmeted applications. I work in the areas of automotive, sports, military, aerospace, and medical device applications. Our research teams have received support from industry and government sponsors including the DOT, NASA, NSF, CDC, DOD, and NIH.
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Academic Article Retrospective identification of subject anthropometry using computed tomography of the leg.
Academic Article Biomechanical modeling of pregnant occupants in far-side vehicle crashes.
Academic Article An experimental and computational study of blunt carotid artery injury.
Academic Article Risk functions for human and porcine eye rupture based on projectile characteristics of blunt objects.
Academic Article A semi-automated approach for measuring splenic injury using computed tomography.
Academic Article A population-based comparison of CIREN and NASS cases using similarity scoring.
Academic Article A finite element-based injury metric for pulmonary contusion: investigation of candidate metrics through correlation with computed tomography.
Academic Article Age thresholds for increased mortality of three predominant crash induced head injuries.
Academic Article Age and gender based biomechanical shape and size analysis of the pediatric brain.
Academic Article Pediatric head injury prediction: investigating the distance between the skull and the brain using medical imaging - biomed 2009.
Academic Article Bilateral carotid artery injury response in side impact using a vessel model integrated with a human body model.
Academic Article Age thresholds for increased mortality of predominant crash induced thoracic injuries.
Academic Article Biomechanical modeling of eye trauma for different orbit anthropometries.
Academic Article Rib fracture timing in dynamic belt tests with human cadavers.
Academic Article Assessing astronaut injury potential from suit connectors using a human body finite element model.
Academic Article Design, development, and analysis of a surrogate for pulmonary injury prediction.
Academic Article Biomechanical response of human spleen in tensile loading.
Academic Article Modeling brain injury response for rotational velocities of varying directions and magnitudes.
Academic Article An innovative approach to predict the development of adult respiratory distress syndrome in patients with blunt trauma.
Academic Article Lateral impact validation of a geometrically accurate full body finite element model for blunt injury prediction.
Academic Article Development of a robust mapping between AIS 2+ and ICD-9 injury codes.
Academic Article Predicting zygoma fractures from baseball impact.
Academic Article Analysis of pregnant occupant crash exposure and the potential effectiveness of four-point seatbelts in far side crashes.
Academic Article Traumatic pulmonary pathology measured with computed tomography and a semiautomated analytic method.
Academic Article Volumetric splenic injury measurement in ct scans for comparison with injury score.
Academic Article Characterization of crash-induced thoracic loading resulting in pulmonary contusion.
Academic Article Biomechanical analysis of pulmonary contusion in motor vehicle crash victims: a crash injury research and engineering network (ciren) study - biomed 2009.
Academic Article Investigating injury mechanism and occupant bmi for malleolar fractures in frontal motor vehicle collisions - biomed 2010.
Academic Article Finite element-based injury metrics for pulmonary contusion via concurrent model optimization.
Academic Article Evaluation of different projectiles in matched experimental eye impact simulations.
Academic Article Reducing chest injuries in automobile collisions: rib fracture timing and implications for thoracic injury criteria.
Academic Article Pediatric occupants, restraint use, and injuries in motor vehicle crashes - biomed 2011.
Academic Article Correlating the extent of pulmonary contusion to vehicle crash parameters in near-side impacts.
Academic Article Investigation of pulmonary contusion extent and its correlation to crash, occupant, and injury characteristics in motor vehicle crashes.
Academic Article Motor vehicle crash-related subdural hematoma from real-world head impact data.
Academic Article Comparison of organ location, morphology, and rib coverage of a midsized male in the supine and seated positions.
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Concept Brain Injuries
Concept Foot Injuries
Concept Thoracic Injuries
Concept Blast Injuries
Concept Eye Injuries
Concept Wound Healing
Concept Lung Injury
Concept Tendon Injuries
Concept Prenatal Injuries
Concept Ankle Injuries
Concept Injury Severity Score
Concept Athletic Injuries
Concept Carotid Artery Injuries
Concept Abdominal Injuries
Concept Abbreviated Injury Scale
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Concept Trauma Severity Indices
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Concept Hip Injuries
Concept Multiple Trauma
Concept Wounds, Penetrating
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Concept Craniocerebral Trauma
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Concept Head Injuries, Closed
Academic Article Evaluation of the extent and distribution of diffuse axonal injury from real world motor vehicle crashes - biomed 2013.
Academic Article Head impact exposure in youth football: high school ages 14 to 18 years and cumulative impact analysis.
Academic Article Head impact exposure in youth football: elementary school ages 9-12 years and the effect of practice structure.
Academic Article Investigating the effects of side airbag deployment in real-world crashes using crash comparison techniques.
Academic Article Investigation of the safety effects of knee bolster air bag deployment in similar real-world crash comparisons.
Academic Article Development of an occult metric for common motor vehicle crash injuries - biomed 2013.
Academic Article Injury prediction in a side impact crash using human body model simulation.
Academic Article Mortality-based Quantification of Injury Severity for Frequently Occurring Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries.
Academic Article Advanced age diminishes tendon-to-bone healing in a rat model of rotator cuff repair.
Academic Article Comparison of injury mortality risk in motor vehicle crash versus other etiologies.
Academic Article Abnormal white matter integrity related to head impact exposure in a season of high school varsity football.
Academic Article Has the incidence of thoracolumbar spine injuries increased in the United States from 1998 to 2011?
Academic Article Optimization of a simplified automobile finite element model using time varying injury metrics.
Academic Article Estimation of skull table thickness with clinical CT and validation with microCT.
Academic Article Development of a time sensitivity score for frequently occurring motor vehicle crash injuries.
Academic Article Simulation of occupant response in space capsule landing configurations with suit hardware.
Academic Article Predicting patients that require care at a trauma center: analysis of injuries and other factors.
Academic Article Finite element model prediction of pulmonary contusion in vehicle-to-vehicle simulations of real-world crashes.
Academic Article Estimated injury risk for specific injuries and body regions in frontal motor vehicle crashes.
Academic Article Age- and sex-specific thorax finite element model development and simulation.
Academic Article Application of Radial Basis Function Methods in the Development of a 95th Percentile Male Seated FEA Model.
Academic Article An evaluation of objective rating methods for full-body finite element model comparison to PMHS tests.
Academic Article Quantitative Validation of a Human Body Finite Element Model Using Rigid Body Impacts.
Academic Article Development of a computationally efficient full human body finite element model.
Academic Article Driver Injury Risk Variability in Finite Element Reconstructions of Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network (CIREN) Frontal Motor Vehicle Crashes.
Academic Article New Methodology for an Expert-Designed Map From International Classification of Diseases (ICD) to Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) 3+ Severity Injury.
Academic Article Mortality Risk in Pediatric Motor Vehicle Crash Occupants: Accounting for Developmental Stage and Challenging Abbreviated Injury Scale Metrics.
Academic Article Finite element comparison of human and Hybrid III responses in a frontal impact.
Academic Article Development and Validation of an Older Occupant Finite Element Model of a Mid-Sized Male for Investigation of Age-related Injury Risk.
Academic Article Fibrin glue augmentation for flexor tendon repair increases friction compared with epitendinous suture.
Academic Article Evaluation of Skull Cortical Thickness Changes With Age and Sex From Computed Tomography Scans.
Academic Article Robust human body model injury prediction in simulated side impact crashes.
Academic Article Evaluation of developmental metrics for utilization in a pediatric advanced automatic crash notification algorithm.
Academic Article An Injury Severity-, Time Sensitivity-, and Predictability-Based Advanced Automatic Crash Notification Algorithm Improves Motor Vehicle Crash Occupant Triage.
Academic Article Functional outcomes of motor vehicle crash head injuries in pediatric and adult occupants.
Academic Article Lumbar vertebrae fracture injury risk in finite element reconstruction of CIREN and NASS frontal motor vehicle crashes.
Academic Article Characterization of the occult nature of injury for frequently occurring motor vehicle crash injuries.
Academic Article Subconcussive Head Impact Exposure and White Matter Tract Changes over a Single Season of Youth Football.
Academic Article Expert Perspectives on Time Sensitivity and a Related Metric for Children Involved in Motor Vehicle Crashes.
Academic Article Injury risk prediction from computational simulations of ocular blast loading.
Academic Article Implementation and validation of thoracic side impact injury prediction metrics in a human body model.
Grant iTAKL:Imaging Telemetry And Kinematic modeLing in youth football-High School
Academic Article Disability risk in pediatric motor vehicle crash occupants.
Grant Control and Quantitation of Pulmonary Contusion
Academic Article Forewords.
Academic Article Biomechanical Evaluations of Ocular Injury Risk for Blast Loading.
Academic Article Head impact exposure measured in a single youth football team during practice drills.
Academic Article Post-Irradiation Treatment with a Superoxide Dismutase Mimic, MnTnHex-2-PyP5+, Mitigates Radiation Injury in the Lungs of Non-Human Primates after Whole-Thorax Exposure to Ionizing Radiation.
Academic Article Predicting Pediatric Patients Who Require Care at a Trauma Center: Analysis of Injuries and Other Factors.
Academic Article Numerical investigation of driver lower extremity injuries in finite element frontal crash reconstruction.
Academic Article In-Season Variations in Head Impact Exposure among Youth Football Players.
Academic Article Functional outcomes of thoracic injuries in pediatric and adult occupants.
Academic Article Functional outcomes of motor vehicle crash thoracic injuries in pediatric and adult occupants.
Academic Article Characterization of the occult nature of frequently occurring pediatric motor vehicle crash injuries.
Academic Article Evaluation of Brain Response during Head Impact in Youth Athletes Using an Anatomically Accurate Finite Element Model.
Academic Article Head Impact Exposure in Practices Correlates With Exposure in Games for Youth Football Players.
Academic Article Characterizing head impact exposure in youth female soccer with a custom-instrumented mouthpiece.
Academic Article Nationwide Procedural Trends for Renal Trauma Management.
Academic Article Brain Strain: Computational Model-Based Metrics for Head Impact Exposure and Injury Correlation.
Academic Article Age-based differences in the disability of extremity injuries in pediatric and adult occupants.
Academic Article Sarcopenia and osteosarcopenia in seriously injured motor vehicle crash occupants.
Academic Article Development and Multi-Scale Validation of a Finite Element Football Helmet Model.
Academic Article Estimated crash injury risk and crash characteristics for motorsport drivers.
Academic Article Evaluation of the effectiveness of toe board energy-absorbing material for foot, ankle, and lower leg injury reduction.
Academic Article Finite Element Based Pelvic Injury Metric Creation and Validation in Lateral Impact for a Human Body Model.
Academic Article Special Issue on the NCAA-DoD CARE Consortium Research.
Academic Article Head injury metric response in finite element ATDs and a human body model in multidirectional loading regimes.
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