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Academic Article Influence of the a-ring on the proton affinity and anticancer properties of the prodigiosins.
Academic Article Thermally inert metal ammines as light-inducible DNA-targeted agents. Synthesis, photochemistry, and photobiology of a prototypical rhodium(III)-intercalator conjugate.
Academic Article Synthesis, biological activity, and DNA-damage profile of platinum-threading intercalator conjugates designed to target adenine.
Academic Article Photoinduced cytotoxicity and thioadduct formation by a prodigiosin analogue.
Academic Article A non-cross-linking platinum-acridine agent with potent activity in non-small-cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Using a build-and-click approach for producing structural and functional diversity in DNA-targeted hybrid anticancer agents.
Academic Article Effect of the diamine nonleaving group in platinum-acridinylthiourea conjugates on DNA damage and cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Effect of linkage geometry on biological activity in thiourea- and guanidine-substituted acridines and platinum-acridines.
Academic Article Gold(I) analogues of a platinum-acridine antitumor agent are only moderately cytotoxic but show potent activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Concept Structure-Activity Relationship
Academic Article Redesigning the DNA-targeted chromophore in platinum-acridine anticancer agents: a structure-activity relationship study.
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