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Academic Article Phase I safety assessment of intrathecal injection of an American formulation of adenosine in humans.
Academic Article Preliminary efficacy assessment of intrathecal injection of an American formulation of adenosine in humans.
Academic Article Intrathecal adenosine following spinal nerve ligation in rat: short residence time in cerebrospinal fluid and no change in A(1) receptor binding.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury alters the alpha2 adrenoceptor subtype activated by clonidine for analgesia.
Academic Article Phase I safety assessment of intrathecal ketorolac.
Academic Article Intrathecal ketorolac enhances antinociception from clonidine.
Academic Article Analgesia from a peripherally active kappa-opioid receptor agonist in patients with chronic pancreatitis.
Academic Article Intrathecal clonidine reduces hypersensitivity after nerve injury by a mechanism involving spinal m4 muscarinic receptors.
Academic Article Intraspinal adenosine induces spinal cord norepinephrine release in spinal nerve-ligated rats but not in normal or sham controls.
Academic Article Uterine cervical distension induces cFos expression in deep dorsal horn neurons of the rat spinal cord.
Academic Article Intrathecal, but not intravenous adenosine reduces allodynia in patients with neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Intrathecal injection of cAMP response element binding protein (CREB) antisense oligonucleotide attenuates tactile allodynia caused by partial sciatic nerve ligation.
Academic Article Did experimenter bias conceal the efficacy of spinal opioids in previous studies with the spinal nerve ligation model of neuropathic pain?
Academic Article The monoamine reuptake inhibitor milnacipran does not affect nociception to acute visceral distension in rats.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury sensitizes the response to visceral distension but not its inhibition by the antidepressant milnacipran.
Academic Article Intrathecal ketorolac in dogs and rats.
Academic Article Polyanalgesic Consensus Conference 2003: an update on the management of pain by intraspinal drug delivery-- report of an expert panel.
Academic Article Intrathecal clonidine for postoperative analgesia in elderly patients: the influence of baricity on hemodynamic and analgesic effects.
Academic Article Intrathecal morphine and ketorolac analgesia after surgery: comparison of spontaneous and elicited responses in rats.
Academic Article Intrathecal morphine reduces allodynia after peripheral nerve injury in rats via activation of a spinal A1 adenosine receptor.
Academic Article Intravenous butorphanol, meperidine, and their combination relieve pain and distress in women in labor.
Academic Article Clonidine maintains intrathecal self-administration in rats following spinal nerve ligation.
Academic Article Clonidine reduces hypersensitivity and alters the balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory leukocytes after local injection at the site of inflammatory neuritis.
Academic Article Opioid self-administration in the nerve-injured rat: relevance of antiallodynic effects to drug consumption and effects of intrathecal analgesics.
Academic Article Consent contraindicated?
Academic Article Role of spinal cyclooxygenase in human postoperative and chronic pain.
Academic Article Effects of intrathecal ketorolac on human experimental pain.
Academic Article Pain intensity and duration can be enhanced by prior challenge: initial evidence suggestive of a role of microglial priming.
Academic Article Dose response of intrathecal adenosine in experimental pain and allodynia.
Academic Article Intrathecal ketorolac reverses hypersensitivity following acute fentanyl exposure.
Academic Article Intrathecal lidocaine reverses tactile allodynia caused by nerve injuries and potentiates the antiallodynic effect of the COX inhibitor ketorolac.
Academic Article Allosteric adenosine receptor modulation reduces hypersensitivity following peripheral inflammation by a central mechanism.
Academic Article Spinal adrenergic and cholinergic receptor interactions activated by clonidine in postincisional pain.
Academic Article Intrathecal morphine reduces the visceromotor response to acute uterine cervical distension in an estrogen-independent manner.
Academic Article Cephalad movement of morphine and fentanyl in humans after intrathecal injection.
Academic Article Plasticity in action of intrathecal clonidine to mechanical but not thermal nociception after peripheral nerve injury.
Academic Article Systemic, but not intrathecal ketorolac is antinociceptive to uterine cervical distension in rats.
Academic Article Epidural neostigmine produces analgesia but also sedation in women after cesarean delivery.
Academic Article Intrathecal but not intravenous opioids release adenosine from the spinal cord.
Academic Article Perineural clonidine reduces mechanical hypersensitivity and cytokine production in established nerve injury.
Academic Article Intrathecal administration of a cylcooxygenase-1, but not a cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor, reverses the effects of laparotomy on exploratory activity in rats.
Academic Article A pain model after gynecologic surgery: the effect of intrathecal and systemic morphine.
Academic Article Spinal glial activation contributes to postoperative mechanical hypersensitivity in the rat.
Academic Article Oral gabapentin activates spinal cholinergic circuits to reduce hypersensitivity after peripheral nerve injury and interacts synergistically with oral donepezil.
Academic Article Assessment of behavior during labor in rats and effect of intrathecal morphine.
Academic Article Multiplicative interactions to enhance gabapentin to treat neuropathic pain.
Academic Article The effect of peripherally administered CDP-choline in an acute inflammatory pain model: the role of alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.
Academic Article The need for a journal policy on intrathecal, epidural, and perineural administration of non-approved drugs.
Academic Article Lack of analgesic efficacy of spinal ondansetron on thermal and mechanical hypersensitivity following spinal nerve ligation in the rat.
Academic Article Reversal of peripheral nerve injury-induced hypersensitivity in the postpartum period: role of spinal oxytocin.
Concept Injections, Spinal
Concept Injections, Epidural
Concept Injections
Concept Injections, Intravenous
Academic Article Preclinical toxicity screening of intrathecal oxytocin in rats and dogs.
Academic Article Phase 1 safety assessment of intrathecal oxytocin.
Academic Article Failure of intrathecal ketorolac to reduce remifentanil-induced postinfusion hyperalgesia in humans.
Academic Article Intrathecal clonidine and adenosine: effects on pain and sensory processing in patients with chronic regional pain syndrome.
Grant Receptor Selective Spinal Analgesia
Grant Receptor Selective Spinal Analgesia
Grant Pharmacologic Plasticity in the Presence of Pain
Grant Alpha2-Adrenergic Analgesia
Academic Article Plasticity and Function of Spinal Oxytocin and Vasopressin Signaling during Recovery from Surgery with Nerve Injury.
Academic Article Spinal Exparel®-an extended duration of preclinical study needed.
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