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Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury alters the alpha2 adrenoceptor subtype activated by clonidine for analgesia.
Academic Article Perineural alpha(2A)-adrenoceptor activation inhibits spinal cord neuroplasticity and tactile allodynia after nerve injury.
Academic Article Age-dependent responses to thermal hyperalgesia and mechanical allodynia in a rat model of acute postoperative pain.
Academic Article Intrathecal morphine and ketorolac analgesia after surgery: comparison of spontaneous and elicited responses in rats.
Academic Article Age-dependent responses to nerve injury-induced mechanical allodynia.
Academic Article Perineural clonidine reduces p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation in sensory neurons.
Academic Article Gabapentin activates spinal noradrenergic activity in rats and humans and reduces hypersensitivity after surgery.
Academic Article Intrathecal lidocaine reverses tactile allodynia caused by nerve injuries and potentiates the antiallodynic effect of the COX inhibitor ketorolac.
Academic Article Plasticity in action of intrathecal clonidine to mechanical but not thermal nociception after peripheral nerve injury.
Academic Article Spinal noradrenaline transporter inhibition by reboxetine and Xen2174 reduces tactile hypersensitivity after surgery in rats.
Academic Article Perineural clonidine reduces mechanical hypersensitivity and cytokine production in established nerve injury.
Academic Article Spinal glial activation contributes to postoperative mechanical hypersensitivity in the rat.
Academic Article Analgesia induced by perineural clonidine is enhanced in persistent neuritis.
Academic Article ST91 [2-(2,6-diethylphenylamino)-2-imidazoline hydrochloride]-mediated spinal antinociception and synergy with opioids persists in the absence of functional alpha-2A- or alpha-2C-adrenergic receptors.
Academic Article Assessment of behavior during labor in rats and effect of intrathecal morphine.
Academic Article Prior laparotomy or corticosterone potentiates lipopolysaccharide-induced fever and sickness behaviors.
Academic Article Reversal of peripheral nerve injury-induced hypersensitivity in the postpartum period: role of spinal oxytocin.
Concept Behavior, Animal
Academic Article Nociceptor-selective peripheral nerve block induces delayed mechanical hypersensitivity and neurotoxicity in rats.
Academic Article Preclinical toxicity screening of intrathecal oxytocin in rats and dogs.
Academic Article Peripheral nerve injury and gabapentin, but not their combination, impair attentional behavior via direct effects on noradrenergic signaling in the brain.
Academic Article Modeling individual recovery after peripheral nerve injury in rats and the effects of parturition.
Academic Article Disruption of Spinal Noradrenergic Activation Delays Recovery of Acute Incision-Induced Hypersensitivity and Increases Spinal Glial Activation in the Rat.
Academic Article Assessment of Behavioral Disruption in Rats with Abdominal Inflammation Using Visual Cue Titration and the Five-choice Serial-reaction Time Task.
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