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Academic Article A force-plate actometer for quantitating rodent behaviors: illustrative data on locomotion, rotation, spatial patterning, stereotypies, and tremor.
Academic Article 3-acetylpyridine reduces tongue protrusion force but does not abolish lick rhythm in the rat.
Academic Article Behavioral sensitization to amphetamine in rats: changes in the rhythm of head movements during focused stereotypies.
Academic Article Leptin promotes dopamine transporter and tyrosine hydroxylase activity in the nucleus accumbens of Sprague-Dawley rats.
Academic Article Protein kinase Cbeta is a critical regulator of dopamine transporter trafficking and regulates the behavioral response to amphetamine in mice.
Concept Rats, Sprague-Dawley
Academic Article Amphetamine self-administration attenuates dopamine D2 autoreceptor function.
Academic Article Dopamine transporters govern diurnal variation in extracellular dopamine tone.
Academic Article A Single Amphetamine Infusion Reverses Deficits in Dopamine Nerve-Terminal Function Caused by a History of Cocaine Self-Administration.
Academic Article The brain gene expression profile of dopamine D2/D3 receptors and associated signaling proteins following amphetamine self-administration.
Academic Article Plasticity and Function of Spinal Oxytocin and Vasopressin Signaling during Recovery from Surgery with Nerve Injury.
Academic Article Amphetamine Reverses Escalated Cocaine Intake via Restoration of Dopamine Transporter Conformation.
Academic Article Chronic intermittent ethanol exposure selectively alters the expression of Ga subunit isoforms and RGS subtypes in rat prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article High and low doses of cocaine intake are differentially regulated by dopamine D2 receptors in the ventral tegmental area and the nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Environmental enrichment and abstinence attenuate ketamine-induced cardiac and renal toxicity.
Academic Article Acute ethanol exposure reduces serotonin receptor 1A internalization by increasing ubiquitination and degradation of ß-arrestin2.
Academic Article Functional brain activity is globally elevated by dopamine D2 receptor knockdown in the ventral tegmental area.
Academic Article ß2* nAChR sensitivity modulates acquisition of cocaine self-administration in male rats.
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