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Barnes, ErinPerson Why?
The therapeutic workplace to promote treatment engagement and drug abstinence in out-of-treatment injection drug users: a randomized controlled trial.Academic Article Why?
Demographic, HIV risk behavior, and health status characteristics of "crack" cocaine injectors compared to other injection drug users in three New England cities.Academic Article Why?
A mimic of soft tissue infection: intra-arterial injection drug use producing hand swelling and digital ischemia.Academic Article Why?
Impact of In Utero Cocaine Exposure on Vulnerability to Drug Abuse in Monkeys.Grant Why?
Feldman, StevenPerson Why?
Receptor Selective Spinal AnalgesiaGrant Why?
Cocaine discrimination, self-administration and microdialysis in monkeysGrant Why?
Pharmacologic Plasticity in the Presence of PainGrant Why?
Neuronal Analysis of Cocaine Effects on CognitionGrant Why?
Eisenach, JamesPerson Why?
Nader, MichaelPerson Why?
Czoty, PaulPerson Why?
Runyan, ChristopherPerson Why?
Atala, AnthonyPerson Why?
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