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Mutations of the GREAT gene cause cryptorchidism.Academic Article Why?
A transgenic insertion causing cryptorchidism in mice.Academic Article Why?
CryptorchidismConcept Why?
Maternal smoking, alcohol consumption, and caffeine consumption during pregnancy in relation to a son's risk of persistent cryptorchidism: a prospective study in the Child Health and Development Studies cohort, 1959-1967.Academic Article Why?
Proximally Directed Double-looped Epididymis and Vas Deferens Simulating Vas Duplication: The Importance of Precise Definition of Abnormal Ductal Anatomy in Cryptorchidism.Academic Article Why?
Retinoic acid: A potential therapeutic agent for cryptorchidism infertility based on investigation of flutamide-induced cryptorchid rats in vivo and in vitro.Academic Article Why?
Fertility potential in adult men treated for uncorrected bilateral cryptorchidism: A systematic literature review and analysis of case reports.Academic Article Why?
Sadri, HoomanPerson Why?
Current and future roles of laparoscopic surgery in urology.Academic Article Why?
Mongraw-Chaffin, MorganaPerson Why?
The prostatic utricle: An under-recognized condition resulting in significant morbidity in boys with both hypospadias and normal external genitalia.Academic Article Why?
Zhang, YuanyuanPerson Why?
Bishop, ColinPerson Why?
Terlecki, RyanPerson Why?
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