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Concept Neurosurgery
Academic Article Pituicytoma: case report.
Academic Article Operative approach via the superior ophthalmic vein for the endovascular treatment of carotid cavernous fistulas that fail traditional endovascular access.
Academic Article Carotid artery sacrifice for unclippable and uncoilable aneurysms: endovascular occlusion vs common carotid artery ligation.
Academic Article Cavernous malformation of the oculomotor nerve mimicking a partially thrombosed posterior communicating artery aneurysm: report of two cases.
Academic Article Gauging the feasibility of cost-sharing and medical student interest groups to reduce interview costs.
Academic Article Positive trends in neurosurgery enrollment and attrition: analysis of the 2000-2009 female neurosurgery resident cohort.
Academic Article Response.
Academic Article Tracking Career Paths of Women in Neurosurgery.
Academic Article A Pilot Study of the Level of Evidence and Collaboration in Published Neurosurgical Research.
Academic Article Burnout: Separating Fact from Fiction.
Academic Article A Comparison of the Existing Wellness Programs in Neurosurgery and Institution Champion's Perspectives.
Academic Article In Reply: Tracking Career Paths of Women in Neurosurgery.
Academic Article Predictors of Citations in Neurosurgical Research.
Academic Article Commentary: Resident Operative Experience: Training an Expert Neurosurgeon.
Academic Article Improving medical student recruitment to neurosurgery.
Academic Article The Use of Antiplatelet Agents and Heparin in the 24-Hour Postintravenous Alteplase Window for Neurointervention.
Academic Article Letter: An International Investigation Into the COVID-19 Pandemic and Workforce Depletion in Highly Specialized Neurointerventional Units - Insights From Stroke Thrombectomy and Aneurysm Registry and Endovascular Neurosurgery Research Group.
Academic Article The professional and personal impact of the coronavirus pandemic on US neurointerventional practices: a nationwide survey.
Academic Article Thrombectomy Technique Predicts Outcome in Posterior Circulation Stroke-Insights from the STAR Collaboration.
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