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Concept Delivery of Health Care, Integrated
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Healthcare Disparities
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Academic Article Racial Disparities in Prostate Specific Antigen Screening and Referral to Urology in a Large, Integrated Health Care System: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Realizing a learning health system through process, rigor and culture change.
Academic Article Discharge to medical home: A new care delivery model to treat non-urgent cases in a rural emergency department.
Academic Article Awareness of Racial Disparities in Diabetes Among Primary Care Residents and Preparedness to Discuss Disparities with Patients.
Academic Article Assessing healthcare outcomes among patients with dementia requiring hospitalization for COVID-19: An observational study.
Academic Article Transitioning an in-person geriatric memory clinic to a virtual care model for rural primary care clinics.
Academic Article Evaluating Racial/Ethnic Differences in Care Escalation Among COVID-19 Patients in a Home-Based Hospital.
Academic Article Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Setting Choice for Adults Seeking Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Testing.
Academic Article A Multidisciplinary Diabetes Clinic Improves Clinical and Behavioral Outcomes in a Primary Care Setting.
Academic Article A Socioecological Approach to Understanding Workplace Lactation Support in the Health Care Setting.
Academic Article A patient and family reporting system for perceived ambulatory note mistakes: experience at 3 U.S. healthcare centers.
Academic Article Insurance Differences in Preventive Care Use and Adverse Birth Outcomes Among Pregnant Women in a Medicaid Nonexpansion State: A Retrospective Cohort Study.
Academic Article Impact of Key Workplace Breastfeeding Support Characteristics on Job Satisfaction, Breastfeeding Duration, and Exclusive Breastfeeding Among Health Care Employees.
Academic Article Is having any prenatal care associated with lower infant mortality in West Africa? Evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys.
Academic Article Asthma dissemination around patient-centered treatments in North Carolina (ADAPT-NC): a cluster randomized control trial evaluating dissemination of an evidence-based shared decision-making intervention for asthma management.
Academic Article Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Develop Geospatial Models Toward Improving Community Health for Disadvantaged Hispanic Populations in Charlotte, NC.
Academic Article Using CBPR to Decrease Health Disparities in a Suburban Latino Neighborhood.
Academic Article Shared decision making and time to exacerbation in children with asthma.
Academic Article Racial/ethnic differences in healthcare use among patients with uncontrolled and controlled diabetes.
Academic Article Results from a pragmatic prospective cohort study: Shared decision making improves outcomes for children with asthma.
Academic Article Associations of government health expenditures, the supply of health care professionals, and country literacy with prenatal care use in ten West African countries.
Academic Article Evaluation of a Pilot Asthma Care Program for Electronic Communication between School Health and a Healthcare System's Electronic Medical Record.
Academic Article Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in a Large Integrated Health Care System in North Carolina.
Academic Article Patients' and providers' perceptions of asthma and asthma care: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Planning for Action: The Impact of an Asthma Action Plan Decision Support Tool Integrated into an Electronic Health Record (EHR) at a Large Health Care System.
Academic Article Comparing traditional and participatory dissemination of a shared decision making intervention (ADAPT-NC): a cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article Trends in prostate-specific antigen test use, 2000-2005.
Academic Article The effect of hospital and surgeon volume on racial differences in recurrence-free survival after radical prostatectomy.
Academic Article Prevalence and Correlates of Uncontrolled Hypertension, Persistently Uncontrolled Hypertension, and Hypertensive Crisis at a Healthcare System.
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