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Academic Article The Impact of COVID-19 on Patient, Family Member, and Stakeholder Research Engagement: Insights from the PREPARE NOW Study.
Academic Article African Americans' discussions about living-donor kidney transplants with family or friends: Who, what, and why not?
Academic Article Engaging patients and family members to design and implement patient-centered kidney disease research.
Academic Article Receipt and Sharing of Information to Improve Knowledge About Living Donor Kidney Transplant among Transplant Candidates with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease.
Academic Article Perspectives of African-American Family Members about Kidney Failure Treatment.
Academic Article Leveraging Delivery of Blood Pressure Control Interventions among Low-income African American Adults: Opportunities to Increase Social Support and Produce Family-level Behavior Change.
Academic Article Family Members' Experiences With Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation.
Academic Article Understanding Family-Level Effects of Adult Chronic Disease Management Programs: Perceived Influences of Behavior Change on Adolescent Family Members' Health Behaviors Among Low-Income African Americans With Uncontrolled Hypertensions.
Academic Article A Systematic Review of Patient- and Family-Level Inhaled Corticosteroid Adherence Interventions in Black/African Americans.
Academic Article End-stage renal disease treatment options education: What matters most to patients and families.
Academic Article Concerns regarding the financial aspects of kidney transplantation: perspectives of pre-transplant patients and their family members.
Academic Article Facilitators and barriers to hypertension self-management in urban African Americans: perspectives of patients and family members.
Academic Article Selecting renal replacement therapies: what do African American and non-African American patients and their families think others should know? A mixed methods study.
Academic Article Feasibility and acceptability of the TALK social worker intervention to improve live kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Development of a decision aid to inform patients' and families' renal replacement therapy selection decisions.
Academic Article African American and non-African American patients' and families' decision making about renal replacement therapies.
Academic Article Identifying and addressing barriers to African American and non-African American families' discussions about preemptive living related kidney transplantation.
Academic Article Prospective pilot study of living kidney donor decision-making and outcomes.
Academic Article Attitudes, psychology, and risk taking of potential live kidney donors: strangers, relatives, and the general public.
Academic Article Preferences, knowledge, communication and patient-physician discussion of living kidney transplantation in African American families.
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