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Concept Tooth Extraction
Academic Article The effectiveness of antibiotic prophylaxis in preventing infective endocarditis is not easily dismissed.
Academic Article Associations between bacteremia from oral sources and distant-site infections: tooth brushing versus single tooth extraction.
Academic Article Dental postoperative bleeding complications in patients with suspected and documented liver disease.
Academic Article Infection from an exfoliating primary tooth in a child with severe neutropenia: a case report.
Academic Article Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and oral bleeding complications after invasive dental treatment.
Academic Article Frequency of bleeding following invasive dental procedures in patients on low-molecular-weight heparin therapy.
Academic Article The frequency of bleeding complications after invasive dental treatment in patients receiving single and dual antiplatelet therapy.
Academic Article Systemic host immuno-inflammatory response to dental extractions and periodontitis.
Academic Article Aspirin use and post-operative bleeding from dental extractions.
Academic Article Bacteremia associated with toothbrushing and dental extraction.
Academic Article Utility of an international normalized ratio testing device in a hospital-based dental practice.
Academic Article Dental treatment planning and management in the patient who has cancer.
Academic Article Modified Child-Pugh score as a marker for postoperative bleeding from invasive dental procedures.
Academic Article The impact of oral disease and nonsurgical treatment on bacteremia in children.
Academic Article Impact of amoxicillin prophylaxis on the incidence, nature, and duration of bacteremia in children after intubation and dental procedures.
Academic Article Relationship between bleeding time test and postextraction bleeding in a healthy control population.
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