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Concept Uterine Hemorrhage
Concept Postpartum Hemorrhage
Academic Article A national update on rates of postpartum haemorrhage and related interventions.
Academic Article Machine Learning and Statistical Models to Predict Postpartum Hemorrhage.
Academic Article Using antifibrinolytics in the peripartum period - concern for a hypercoagulable effect?
Academic Article Management of Coagulopathy in Postpartum Hemorrhage.
Academic Article Comparison of the Trends in Risk Factors and Management of Severe Postpartum Hemorrhage Years 2000-2004 Versus 2005-2008.
Academic Article Evaluation and management of postpartum hemorrhage: consensus from an international expert panel.
Academic Article Postpartum wound and bleeding complications in women who received peripartum anticoagulation.
Academic Article Lochia patterns among normal women: a systematic review.
Academic Article Body mass index and severe postpartum hemorrhage.
Academic Article Bleeding per vaginam is associated with funisitis in women with preterm prelabour rupture of the fetal membranes.
Academic Article Oxytocin exposure during labor among women with postpartum hemorrhage secondary to uterine atony.
Academic Article Blood component therapy in postpartum hemorrhage.
Academic Article Heterotopic cervical pregnancy treated with transvaginal ultrasound-guided aspiration resulting in cervical site varices within the myometrium.
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