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Academic Article Caregiver rating of provider participatory decision-making style and caregiver and child satisfaction with pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Provider-caregiver-child discussions about risks associated with asthma control medications: content and prevalence.
Academic Article Inhaler Technique in Children With Asthma: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Quality of pulmonary function testing in 3 large primary care pediatric clinics in rural North Carolina.
Academic Article A model to integrate patient preferences into delivery systems: the importance of end-user input into pulmonary delivery.
Academic Article Discussions between medical providers and children/caregivers about the benefits of asthma-control medications.
Academic Article Provider Discussion, Education, and Question-Asking about Control Medications during Pediatric Asthma Visits.
Academic Article A prospective examination of asthma symptom monitoring: provider, caregiver and pediatric patient influences on peak flow meter use.
Academic Article Communication and education about triggers and environmental control strategies during pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article How often do providers discuss asthma action plans with children? Analysis of transcripts of medical visits.
Academic Article Children with asthma and their caregivers help improve written asthma action plans: A pilot mixed-method study.
Academic Article Provider demonstration and assessment of child device technique during pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Child and caregiver reported problems in using asthma medications and question-asking during paediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Communication during pediatric asthma visits and child asthma medication device technique 1 month later.
Academic Article Communication about ADHD and its treatment during pediatric asthma visits.
Academic Article Child- and caregiver-reported problems and concerns in using asthma medications.
Grant The Effect of Risk and Side Effect Communication on Asthma Medication Adherence
Academic Article Spacer microbial contamination and asthma outcomes: case series.
Academic Article Psychometric properties of two instruments measuring self-efficacy and outcome expectations of providing inhaler technique education to patients.
Academic Article A Discrete Choice Experiment to Assess Patient Preferences for Asthma Rescue Therapy and Disease Management.
Academic Article Suboptimal Control of Asthma Among Diverse Patients: A US Mixed Methods Focus Group Study.
Academic Article Levodopa inhalation powder in a patient with persistent asthma.
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