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Concept Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
Concept Polymerase Chain Reaction
Academic Article Identification and comparative analyses of myocardial miRNAs involved in the fetal response to maternal obesity.
Academic Article Vulnerability of the fetal primate brain to moderate reduction in maternal global nutrient availability.
Academic Article Identification of baboon microRNAs expressed in liver and lymphocytes.
Academic Article The FIC1 gene: structure and polymorphisms in baboon.
Academic Article Identification of candidate genes encoding an LDL-C QTL in baboons.
Academic Article Quantitative genetic analysis of glucose transporter 4 mRNA levels in baboon adipose.
Academic Article Opossum carboxylesterases: sequences, phylogeny and evidence for CES gene duplication events predating the marsupial-eutherian common ancestor.
Academic Article Association of SLC34A2 variation and sodium-lithium countertransport activity in humans and baboons.
Academic Article Antibiotics in early life alter the murine colonic microbiome and adiposity.
Academic Article Moderate global reduction in maternal nutrition has differential stage of gestation specific effects on {beta}1- and {beta}2-adrenergic receptors in the fetal baboon liver.
Academic Article Effects of maternal global nutrient restriction on fetal baboon hepatic insulin-like growth factor system genes and gene products.
Academic Article Genome-wide scan of resistin mRNA expression in omental adipose tissue of baboons.
Academic Article Molecular basis of an apolipoprotein[a] null allele: a splice site mutation is associated with deletion of a single exon.
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