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Academic Article Genetic influences on response to novel objects and dimensions of personality in Papio baboons.
Academic Article Genomewide ancestry and divergence patterns from low-coverage sequencing data reveal a complex history of admixture in wild baboons.
Academic Article Characterization of ghrelin in pedigreed baboons: evidence for heritability and pleiotropy.
Academic Article Identification and comparative analyses of myocardial miRNAs involved in the fetal response to maternal obesity.
Academic Article Quantitative trait loci for peripheral blood cell counts: a study in baboons.
Academic Article Non-human primate fetal kidney transcriptome analysis indicates mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) is a central nutrient-responsive pathway.
Academic Article Association of SLC34A2 variation and sodium-lithium countertransport activity in humans and baboons.
Academic Article Effect of moderate, 30 percent global maternal nutrient reduction on fetal and postnatal baboon phenotype.
Academic Article Primate response to angiotensin infusion and high sodium intake differ by sodium lithium countertransport phenotype.
Academic Article Locus controlling LDL cholesterol response to dietary cholesterol is on baboon homologue of human chromosome 6.
Academic Article Importance of genetic differences in developmental programming: gene by environment interactions in models of maternal dietary restriction.
Academic Article Quantitative loci regulating plasma levels of gamma glutamyl transferase and albumin and their genetic correlations with cardiovascular risk factors.
Academic Article Identification of candidate genes regulating HDL cholesterol using a chromosomal region expression array.
Academic Article Combination of Mass Cytometry and Imaging Analysis Reveals Origin, Location, and Functional Repopulation of Liver Myeloid Cells in Mice.
Academic Article Localization of genes that control LDL size fractions in baboons.
Grant Development of a pedigreed baboon genome resource for biomedical research
Grant Discovery of Gene Variants and Mechanisms Underlying Salt-Sensitive Hypertension
Academic Article Genetical genomics of Th1 and Th2 immune response in a baboon model of atherosclerosis risk factors.
Grant Womb to Tomb: Developmental Programming and Aging Interactions in Primates
Grant Identification of molecular mechanisms underlying early atherosclerosis
Academic Article Effect of maternal obesity on fetal and postnatal baboon (Papio species) early life phenotype.
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