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Concept Psychopharmacology
Academic Article Assessing the initiation of cocaine self-administration in humans during abstinence: effects of dose, alternative reinforcement, and priming.
Academic Article Operant responding for a visual reinforcer in rats is enhanced by noncontingent nicotine: implications for nicotine self-administration and reinforcement.
Academic Article Naltrexone attenuation of conditioned but not primary reinforcement of nicotine in rats.
Academic Article Operant responding for conditioned and unconditioned reinforcers in rats is differentially enhanced by the primary reinforcing and reinforcement-enhancing effects of nicotine.
Academic Article Self-administered and noncontingent nicotine enhance reinforced operant responding in rats: impact of nicotine dose and reinforcement schedule.
Academic Article Nicotine self-administration in rats: estrous cycle effects, sex differences and nicotinic receptor binding.
Academic Article Dissociating the primary reinforcing and reinforcement-enhancing effects of nicotine using a rat self-administration paradigm with concurrently available drug and environmental reinforcers.
Academic Article Repeated administration of the D1/5 antagonist ecopipam fails to attenuate the subjective effects of cocaine.
Academic Article Bupropion and nicotine enhance responding for nondrug reinforcers via dissociable pharmacological mechanisms in rats.
Academic Article Blunted striatal response to monetary reward anticipation during smoking abstinence predicts lapse during a contingency-managed quit attempt.
Academic Article Guidelines on nicotine dose selection for in vivo research.
Academic Article Cue-induced reinstatement of nicotine-seeking behavior in rats: effect of bupropion, persistence over repeated tests, and its dependence on training dose.
Academic Article Characterizing the relationship between increases in the cost of nicotine and decreases in nicotine content in adult male rats: implications for tobacco regulation.
Academic Article Conditioned reinforcement in rats established with self-administered nicotine and enhanced by noncontingent nicotine.
Academic Article Nicotine self-administration in rats.
Academic Article Comparing the physiological and subjective effects of self-administered vs yoked cocaine in humans.
Academic Article Mecamylamine prevents tolerance but enhances whole brain [3H]epibatidine binding in response to repeated nicotine administration in rats.
Academic Article Complex interactions between nicotine and nonpharmacological stimuli reveal multiple roles for nicotine in reinforcement.
Academic Article Nicotine self-administration in rats on a progressive ratio schedule of reinforcement.
Academic Article Differentiating the primary reinforcing and reinforcement-enhancing effects of varenicline.
Academic Article Acquisition of nicotine self-administration in rats: the effects of dose, feeding schedule, and drug contingency.
Academic Article Threshold dose for discrimination of nicotine via cigarette smoking.
Academic Article High-dose methadone produces superior opioid blockade and comparable withdrawal suppression to lower doses in opioid-dependent humans.
Academic Article Sex differences in the contribution of nicotine and nonpharmacological stimuli to nicotine self-administration in rats.
Academic Article Nicotine self-administration research: the legacy of Steven R. Goldberg and implications for regulation, health policy, and research.
Academic Article Reinforcement enhancing effect of nicotine and its attenuation by nicotinic antagonists in rats.
Academic Article Environmental stimuli promote the acquisition of nicotine self-administration in rats.
Academic Article Self-administered nicotine increases fat metabolism and suppresses weight gain in male rats.
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