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Concept Insulin-Like Growth Factor I
Concept TNF Receptor-Associated Factor 6
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor alpha Subunit
Concept Receptors, Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept Epidermal Growth Factor
Concept Activating Transcription Factor 4
Concept Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1, alpha Subunit
Academic Article TRAF6 Restricts p53 Mitochondrial Translocation, Apoptosis, and Tumor Suppression.
Academic Article A hypoxia-responsive TRAF6-ATM-H2AX signalling axis promotes HIF1a activation, tumorigenesis and metastasis.
Academic Article The E3 ligase TRAF6 regulates Akt ubiquitination and activation.
Academic Article The critical role of AMPK in driving Akt activation under stress, tumorigenesis and drug resistance.
Academic Article Deregulated TGF-beta signaling in leukemogenesis.
Academic Article LIFR is a breast cancer metastasis suppressor upstream of the Hippo-YAP pathway and a prognostic marker.
Academic Article Cycles of ubiquitination and deubiquitination critically regulate growth factor-mediated activation of Akt signaling.
Academic Article DNA damage players are linked to HIF-1a/hypoxia signaling.
Academic Article Skp2 targeting suppresses tumorigenesis by Arf-p53-independent cellular senescence.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic PML function in TGF-beta signalling.
Academic Article EGFR phosphorylation of DCBLD2 recruits TRAF6 and stimulates AKT-promoted tumorigenesis.
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