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Concept Visual Perception
Concept Auditory Perception
Concept Motion Perception
Concept Olfactory Perception
Concept Time Perception
Concept Taste Perception
Concept Speech Perception
Concept Space Perception
Academic Article Multisensory integration of looming signals by rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Multisensory integration of dynamic faces and voices in rhesus monkey auditory cortex.
Academic Article Looming biases in monkey auditory cortex.
Academic Article Integration of bimodal looming signals through neuronal coherence in the temporal lobe.
Academic Article Natural, metaphoric, and linguistic auditory direction signals have distinct influences on visual motion processing.
Academic Article Multisensory guidance of orienting behavior.
Academic Article Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) hear rising frequency sounds as looming.
Academic Article Audiovisual asynchrony detection in human speech.
Academic Article Chemosensory convergence on primary olfactory cortex.
Academic Article Neural dynamics in response to binary taste mixtures.
Academic Article Stability and flexibility of the message carried by semiochemical stimuli, as revealed by devaluation of carbon disulfide followed by social transmission of food preference.
Academic Article A Multisensory Network for Olfactory Processing.
Academic Article Dynamic taste responses of parabrachial pontine neurons in awake rats.
Academic Article Sensory Cortical Activity Is Related to the Selection of a Rhythmic Motor Action Pattern.
Academic Article Single-neuron responses to intraoral delivery of odor solutions in primary olfactory and gustatory cortex.
Grant Multisensory mechanisms underlying flavor preference formation
Grant Systems-level interactions underlying valence coding in olfaction
Academic Article Retronasal Odor Perception Requires Taste Cortex, but Orthonasal Does Not.
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