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Academic Article Investigating injury mechanism and occupant bmi for malleolar fractures in frontal motor vehicle collisions - biomed 2010.
Academic Article Motor vehicle crash-related subdural hematoma from real-world head impact data.
Concept Brain Injuries
Concept Thoracic Injuries
Concept Injury Severity Score
Concept Athletic Injuries
Concept Neck Injuries
Concept Craniocerebral Trauma
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Concept Head Injuries, Closed
Academic Article Evaluation of the extent and distribution of diffuse axonal injury from real world motor vehicle crashes - biomed 2013.
Academic Article Head impact exposure in youth football: high school ages 14 to 18 years and cumulative impact analysis.
Academic Article Head impact exposure in youth football: elementary school ages 9-12 years and the effect of practice structure.
Academic Article Abnormal white matter integrity related to head impact exposure in a season of high school varsity football.
Academic Article Estimation of skull table thickness with clinical CT and validation with microCT.
Academic Article Development and Validation of an Older Occupant Finite Element Model of a Mid-Sized Male for Investigation of Age-related Injury Risk.
Academic Article Evaluation of Skull Cortical Thickness Changes With Age and Sex From Computed Tomography Scans.
Academic Article Subconcussive Head Impact Exposure and White Matter Tract Changes over a Single Season of Youth Football.
Academic Article Investigation of Intraventricular Hemorrhage Volume in Motor Vehicle Crash Occupants
Academic Article Head impact exposure measured in a single youth football team during practice drills.
Academic Article In-Season Variations in Head Impact Exposure among Youth Football Players.
Academic Article Evaluation of Brain Response during Head Impact in Youth Athletes Using an Anatomically Accurate Finite Element Model.
Academic Article Head Impact Exposure in Practices Correlates With Exposure in Games for Youth Football Players.
Academic Article Characterizing head impact exposure in youth female soccer with a custom-instrumented mouthpiece.
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