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Concept Analgesia
Concept Analgesia, Obstetrical
Concept Analgesia, Epidural
Academic Article Noninfectious Fever in the Near-Term Pregnant Rat Induces Fetal Brain Inflammation: A Model for the Consequences of Epidural-Associated Maternal Fever.
Academic Article Transdermal scopolamine for prevention of intrathecal morphine-induced nausea and vomiting after cesarean delivery.
Academic Article A retrospective effectiveness study of loss of resistance to air or saline for identification of the epidural space.
Academic Article Fever, epidurals, and inflammation: a burning issue.
Academic Article Local anesthetic requirements are greater in dystocia than in normal labor.
Academic Article The association between epidural labor analgesia and maternal fever.
Academic Article The effect of maternal catecholamines on the caliber of gravid uterine microvessels.
Academic Article Combined spinal-epidural versus epidural labor analgesia on progress and outcome of labor.
Academic Article Labor epidural analgesia and maternal fever.
Academic Article Epidural analgesia and the progress and outcome of labor and delivery.
Academic Article New local anesthetics. Are they worth the cost?
Academic Article A randomized trial of dural puncture epidural technique compared with the standard epidural technique for labor analgesia.
Academic Article Epidural-Related Maternal Fever: Still a Hot Topic, But What Are the Burning Issues?
Academic Article Association Between Epidural Analgesia During Labor and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Offspring.
Academic Article Dural Puncture Epidural for Labor Analgesia: Is It Really an Improvement over Conventional Labor Epidural Analgesia?
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