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Academic Article Children's health and workers' productivity: an examination of family interference with work in rural America.
Academic Article Workplace, household, and personal predictors of pesticide exposure for farmworkers.
Academic Article Evidence of organizational injustice in poultry processing plants: Possible effects on occupational health and safety among Latino workers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Migrant farmworker field and camp safety and sanitation in eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Work safety climate, musculoskeletal discomfort, working while injured, and depression among migrant farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Farmworker reports of pesticide safety and sanitation in the work environment.
Academic Article Pesticide safety among farmworkers: perceived risk and perceived control as factors reflecting environmental justice.
Academic Article Work-family conflict: experiences and health implications among immigrant Latinos.
Concept Workplace
Academic Article Strategies used by breast cancer survivors to address work-related limitations during and after treatment.
Academic Article Employer differences in upper-body musculoskeletal disorders and pain among immigrant Latino poultry processing workers.
Academic Article Work safety climate, personal protection use, and injuries among Latino residential roofers.
Academic Article The effects of work organization on the health of immigrant manual workers: A longitudinal analysis.
Academic Article Latina Workers in North Carolina: Work Organization, Domestic Responsibilities, Health, and Family Life.
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