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Academic Article Agricultural and residential pesticides in wipe samples from farmworker family residences in North Carolina and Virginia.
Academic Article Housing characteristics of farmworker families in North Carolina.
Academic Article Pesticides in the homes of farmworkers: Latino mothers' perceptions of risk to their children's health.
Academic Article Cooking and eating facilities in migrant farmworker housing in North Carolina.
Academic Article Pesticide urinary metabolite levels of children in eastern North Carolina farmworker households.
Academic Article Housing quality among North Carolina farmworker families.
Academic Article Migrant farmworkers' housing conditions across an agricultural season in North Carolina.
Academic Article Migrant farmworker housing regulation violations in North Carolina.
Academic Article Safety, security, hygiene and privacy in migrant farmworker housing.
Concept Housing
Academic Article Heat index in migrant farmworker housing: implications for rest and recovery from work-related heat stress.
Academic Article Association between housing quality and individual health characteristics on sleep quality among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article The association of skin conditions with housing conditions among North Carolina Latino migrant farm workers.
Academic Article Pesticides present in migrant farmworker housing in North Carolina.
Academic Article The association of respiratory symptoms and indoor housing conditions among migrant farmworkers in eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Work safety climate, personal protection use, and injuries among Latino residential roofers.
Academic Article Perceptions of housing conditions among migrant farmworkers and their families: implications for health, safety and social policy.
Academic Article Pesticide exposures to migrant farmworkers in Eastern NC: detection of metabolites in farmworker urine associated with housing violations and camp characteristics.
Academic Article Housing and Neighborhood Characteristics and Latino Farmworker Family Well-Being.
Academic Article Collecting Comparative Data on Farmworker Housing and Health: Recommendations for Collecting Housing and Health Data Across Places and Time.
Academic Article Understanding the Role of Social Factors in Farmworker Housing and Health.
Academic Article Farmworker Housing: A Photo Essay.
Academic Article Farmworker Housing Quality and Health.
Academic Article Hidden Farmworker Labor Camps in North Carolina: An Indicator of Structural Vulnerability.
Academic Article Aggression Among Male Migrant Farmworkers Living in Camps in Eastern North Carolina.
Academic Article Associations of Poor Housing with Mental Health Among North Carolina Latino Migrant Farmworkers.
Academic Article Residential Environment for Outdoor Play Among Children in Latino Farmworker Families.
Academic Article Stability of Household and Housing Characteristics Among Farmworker Families in North Carolina: Implications for Health.
Grant Farmworker Housing Quality and Health: A Transdisciplinary Conference
Grant The Effect of Pesticide Exposure on Cognitive and Brain Development in Latino Children: PACE5
Grant Community-Based Participatory Approach to Farmworker Housing, Exposures &Health
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