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Academic Article Vision problems, eye care history, and ocular protection among migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article Oral health self-care behaviors of rural older adults.
Academic Article Eye health and safety among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Measuring differential beliefs in complementary therapy research: an exploration of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Beliefs Inventory (CAMBI).
Academic Article Employer provision of personal protective equipment to Latino workers in North Carolina residential construction.
Academic Article Eye symptoms and use of eye protection among seasonal and migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article Ethnic and sex differences in ownership of preventive health equipment among rural older adults with diabetes.
Academic Article Employer, use of personal protective equipment, and work safety climate: Latino poultry processing workers.
Academic Article Personal protective equipment and work safety climate among Latino poultry processing workers in Western North Carolina, USA.
Concept Ideal Body Weight
Concept Dental Devices, Home Care
Concept Respiratory Protective Devices
Concept Protective Devices
Concept Condoms
Concept Models, Biological
Concept Dentures
Concept Eye Protective Devices
Concept Equipment and Supplies
Concept Ear Protective Devices
Concept Eyeglasses
Academic Article Case study. Behavior and perception of using safety gear among commercial landscapers: a pilot study.
Academic Article Occupational safety beliefs among Latino residential roofing workers.
Academic Article Work safety climate, personal protection use, and injuries among Latino residential roofers.
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