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Academic Article Training farmworkers about pesticide safety: issues of control.
Academic Article Determinants of health care use by children in rural western North Carolina: results from the Mountain Accessibility Project.
Academic Article Access to transportation and health care utilization in a rural region.
Academic Article Ethnic differences in elders' home remedy use: sociostructural explanations.
Academic Article Review of pesticide education materials for health care providers providing care to agricultural workers.
Academic Article CAM use among older adults age 65 or older with hypertension in the United States: general use and disease treatment.
Academic Article Age-related differences in the conventional health care-complementary and alternative medicine link.
Academic Article Health care utilization among migrant Latino farmworkers: the case of skin disease.
Academic Article Development of an international questionnaire to measure use of complementary and alternative medicine (I-CAM-Q).
Academic Article Effects of complementary therapy on health in a national U.S. sample of older adults.
Academic Article Calling the doctor: a qualitative study of patient-initiated physician consultation among rural older adults.
Academic Article Older adults' self-management of daily symptoms: complementary therapies, self-care, and medical care.
Academic Article Pesticides at work and at home: exposure of migrant farmworkers.
Academic Article The effects of geography and spatial behavior on health care utilization among the residents of a rural region.
Academic Article Ethnic disparities: control of glycemia, blood pressure, and LDL cholesterol among US adults with type 2 diabetes.
Academic Article Primary and specialty medical care among ethnically diverse, older rural adults with type 2 diabetes: the ELDER Diabetes Study.
Academic Article Use of complementary and alternative medicine by persons with arthritis: results of the National Health Interview Survey.
Academic Article A suite of methods for representing activity space in a healthcare accessibility study.
Academic Article Older adults' use of complementary and alternative medicine for mental health: findings from the 2002 National Health Interview Survey.
Academic Article Complementary and alternative medicine use among older adults: ethnic variation.
Academic Article Complementary and alternative medicine use among adults with diabetes in the United States.
Academic Article Treating skin disease: self-management behaviors of Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Delivery of health services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers.
Academic Article Child healthcare in two farmworker populations.
Academic Article Common skin disorders seen in the migrant farmworker health care clinic setting.
Academic Article Occurrence and co-occurrence of types of complementary and alternative medicine use by age, gender, ethnicity, and education among adults in the United States: the 2002 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS).
Academic Article The perceived availability, quality, and cost of long-term care services in America.
Concept Health Care Surveys
Concept Health Care Costs
Concept Quality Indicators, Health Care
Concept Healthcare Disparities
Concept Patient Acceptance of Health Care
Concept Primary Health Care
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Delivery of Health Care
Academic Article Insight into the sharing of medical images: physician, other health care providers, and staff experience in a variety of medical settings.
Academic Article Medical skepticism and complementary therapy use among older rural African-Americans and Whites.
Academic Article Health care access and health care workforce for immigrant workers in the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sector in the southeastern US.
Academic Article Recruiting underserved mothers to medical research: findings from North Carolina.
Academic Article Use of Complementary Therapies for Health Promotion Among Older Adults.
Academic Article Mapping the risk perception and communication gap between different professions of healthcare providers in cancer care: a cross-sectional protocol.
Academic Article Primary Care Providers' Views of Patient Portals: Interview Study of Perceived Benefits and Consequences.
Academic Article Anticipatory Guidance about Child Diet and Physical Activity for Latino Farmworker Mothers.
Academic Article Perception of risk and communication among conventional and complementary health care providers involving cancer patients' use of complementary therapies: a literature review.
Academic Article What Does It Mean for Something to Be "Scientific"? Community Understandings of Science, Educational Attainment, and Community Representation Among a Sample of 25 CBPR Projects.
Grant Maximizing the Impact of ePHIM in Low-Income, Multiethnic Populations
Grant Scientific Integrity in Community-Based Participatory Research
Grant Differences in CAM Use Among Minority Older Adults
Grant Sobadors in the Health Care Utilization of Mexican Americans and Immigrants
Grant Casa A Campo: Pesticide Safety for Farmworkers' Families
Grant Community-Based Participatory Approach to Farmworker Housing, Exposures &Health
Grant Ethnic Variation in CAM Use and Health Self Management among Rural Older Adults
Grant African American Men Prostate &Colorectal Cancer Belief
Academic Article Medical Pluralism in the Use of Sobadores among Mexican Immigrants to North Carolina.
Academic Article HPV Knowledge and Vaccine Initiation Among Mexican-Born Farmworkers in North Carolina.
Academic Article Attitudes and knowledge about direct and indirect risks among conventional and complementary health care providers in cancer care.
Grant Pesticide Exposure and Age-Related Changes in Cognitive Function
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