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Academic Article Principals of neovascularization for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Neuropilin-1-mediated vascular permeability factor/vascular endothelial growth factor-dependent endothelial cell migration.
Academic Article Differential effects of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 inhibitor ZD6474 on circulating endothelial progenitors and mature circulating endothelial cells: implications for use as a surrogate marker of antiangiogenic activity.
Academic Article Antiangiogenic properties of gold nanoparticles.
Academic Article Angiogenic gene-modified muscle cells for enhancement of tissue formation.
Academic Article Tumor cell-associated neuropilin-1 and vascular endothelial growth factor expression as determinants of tumor growth in neuroblastoma.
Academic Article VEGF receptors and neuropilins are expressed in the urothelial and neuronal cells in normal mouse urinary bladder and are upregulated in inflammation.
Academic Article Vascular therapy for radiation cystitis.
Academic Article VEGF165 mediates formation of complexes containing VEGFR-2 and neuropilin-1 that enhance VEGF165-receptor binding.
Academic Article Relative effects of VEGF-A and VEGF-C on endothelial cell proliferation, migration and PAF synthesis: Role of neuropilin-1.
Academic Article In vivo administration of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) and its antagonist, soluble neuropilin-1, predicts a role of VEGF in the progression of acute myeloid leukemia in vivo.
Academic Article Pancreatic tumor growth is regulated by the balance between positive and negative modulators of angiogenesis.
Academic Article Endostatin inhibits the vascular endothelial growth factor-induced mobilization of endothelial progenitor cells.
Academic Article VEGF-mediated endothelial P-selectin translocation: role of VEGF receptors and endogenous PAF synthesis.
Academic Article Chondrogenic differentiation of amniotic fluid-derived stem cells.
Academic Article Role of growth factors and endothelial cells in therapeutic angiogenesis and tissue engineering.
Academic Article Angiogenic gene modification of skeletal muscle cells to compensate for ageing-induced decline in bioengineered functional muscle tissue.
Academic Article The role of endothelial cells in myofiber differentiation and the vascularization and innervation of bioengineered muscle tissue in vivo.
Concept Hepatocyte Growth Factor
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor C
Concept Transforming Growth Factor alpha
Concept Myogenic Regulatory Factor 5
Concept Platelet-Derived Growth Factor
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-2
Concept Receptors, Growth Factor
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta1
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor A
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta
Concept von Willebrand Factor
Concept Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Receptor-1
Concept Epidermal Growth Factor
Concept Transforming Growth Factor beta3
Concept Receptors, Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor
Concept Platelet Activating Factor
Concept Fibroblast Growth Factor 2
Concept PAX7 Transcription Factor
Academic Article Renal Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds From Discarded Kidneys Maintain Glomerular Morphometry and Vascular Resilience and Retains Critical Growth Factors.
Academic Article The combined effect of PDX1, epidermal growth factor and poly-L-ornithine on human amnion epithelial cells' differentiation.
Academic Article Sustained Depolarization of the Resting Membrane Potential Regulates Muscle Progenitor Cell Growth and Maintains Stem Cell Properties In Vitro.
Grant Cell therapy of diabetes using broad spectrum multipotent stem cells
Academic Article Effects of Nicotine on Rat Tongue Mucosa. Histopathological and Immunohistochemical Analyses.
Academic Article Combinations of Activin A or Nicotinamide with the Pancreatic Transcription Factor PDX1 Support Differentiation of Human Amnion Epithelial Cells Toward a Pancreatic Lineage.
Academic Article A real-time monitoring platform of myogenesis regulators using double fluorescent labeling.
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