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Academic Article The incidence of green tobacco sickness among Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article A clinic-based, case-control comparison of green tobacco sickness among minority farmworkers: clues for prevention.
Academic Article Farmer health beliefs about an occupational illness that affects farmworkers: the case of green tobacco sickness.
Academic Article Detecting patterns of occupational illness clustering with alternating logistic regressions applied to longitudinal data.
Academic Article Health and social impacts of tobacco production.
Academic Article Predictors of incidence and prevalence of green tobacco sickness among Latino farmworkers in North Carolina, USA.
Academic Article Environmental and behavioral predictors of salivary cotinine in Latino tobacco workers.
Academic Article High levels of transdermal nicotine exposure produce green tobacco sickness in Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Green tobacco sickness and skin integrity among migrant Latino farmworkers.
Academic Article Migrant farmworkers and green tobacco sickness: new issues for an understudied disease.
Concept Nicotine
Academic Article Urinary Cotinine Levels Among Latino Tobacco Farmworkers in North Carolina Compared to Latinos Not Employed in Agriculture.
Academic Article Brain Anatomy in Latino Farmworkers Exposed to Pesticides and Nicotine.
Academic Article The impacts of pesticide and nicotine exposures on functional brain networks in Latino immigrant workers.
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