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Academic Article Asthmatic epithelial cell proliferation and stimulation of collagen production: human asthmatic epithelial cells stimulate collagen type III production by human lung myofibroblasts after segmental allergen challenge.
Academic Article Systemic effect comparisons of six inhaled corticosteroid preparations.
Academic Article Concentration of cytokines and growth factors in BAL fluid after allergen challenge in asthmatics and their effect on alpha-smooth muscle actin and collagen III synthesis by human lung fibroblasts.
Academic Article Regulation of phospholipase A2 by interleulin-1 in human airway smooth muscle.
Academic Article Long-acting beta agonists in asthma therapy.
Academic Article Asthma treatment in the 21st century: what's next?
Academic Article Sputum eosinophil counts predict asthma control after discontinuation of inhaled corticosteroids.
Academic Article Daily versus as-needed corticosteroids for mild persistent asthma.
Academic Article Correlation of systemic superoxide dismutase deficiency to airflow obstruction in asthma.
Academic Article Airway remodeling contributes to the progressive loss of lung function in asthma: an overview.
Academic Article Alterations in vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP) phosphorylation: associations with asthmatic phenotype, airway inflammation and beta2-agonist use.
Academic Article Uncontrolled asthma: a review of the prevalence, disease burden and options for treatment.
Academic Article Asthma end points and outcomes: what have we learned?
Academic Article Characterization of the severe asthma phenotype by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article Update in asthma 2006.
Academic Article The impact of comorbid atopic disease on asthma: clinical expression and treatment.
Academic Article Real-world Evaluation of Asthma Control and Treatment (REACT): findings from a national Web-based survey.
Academic Article Part IV: Genetic variations in beta2-adrenergic receptors: long-acting and short-acting beta2-agonists and therapeutic response.
Academic Article Pharmacogenetics of the beta 2-adrenergic receptor gene.
Academic Article Pharmacogenetics of asthma.
Academic Article ARG1 is a novel bronchodilator response gene: screening and replication in four asthma cohorts.
Academic Article Alterations of the arginine metabolome in asthma.
Academic Article The glucocorticoid receptor heterocomplex gene STIP1 is associated with improved lung function in asthmatic subjects treated with inhaled corticosteroids.
Academic Article Predicting asthma control using patient attitudes toward medical care: the REACT score.
Academic Article Is the maintenance and reliever approach the answer?
Academic Article Special considerations in adults for diagnoses that may coexist with or masquerade as asthma.
Academic Article Regulatory haplotypes in ARG1 are associated with altered bronchodilator response.
Academic Article A trial of clarithromycin for the treatment of suboptimally controlled asthma.
Academic Article Determinants of exhaled breath condensate pH in a large population with asthma.
Academic Article Tiotropium bromide step-up therapy for adults with uncontrolled asthma.
Academic Article Airway microbiota and bronchial hyperresponsiveness in patients with suboptimally controlled asthma.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of severe asthma in childhood: confirmation by cluster analysis of children in the National Institutes of Health/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article Importance of hedgehog interacting protein and other lung function genes in asthma.
Academic Article Detrimental effects of environmental tobacco smoke in relation to asthma severity.
Academic Article Does age impact the obese asthma phenotype? Longitudinal asthma control, airway function, and airflow perception among mild persistent asthmatics.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study identifies three new susceptibility loci for adult asthma in the Japanese population.
Academic Article Genomewide association between GLCCI1 and response to glucocorticoid therapy in asthma.
Academic Article Risk factors for montelukast treatment failure in step-down therapy for controlled asthma.
Academic Article Asthma.
Academic Article Severe asthma: lessons learned from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article Key observations from the NHLBI Asthma Clinical Research Network.
Academic Article IL-4 receptor polymorphisms predict reduction in asthma exacerbations during response to an anti-IL-4 receptor a antagonist.
Academic Article Genome-wide association analysis in asthma subjects identifies SPATS2L as a novel bronchodilator response gene.
Academic Article Comparison of physician-, biomarker-, and symptom-based strategies for adjustment of inhaled corticosteroid therapy in adults with asthma: the BASALT randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article P2X7-regulated protection from exacerbations and loss of control is independent of asthma maintenance therapy.
Academic Article Integration of mouse and human genome-wide association data identifies KCNIP4 as an asthma gene.
Academic Article Significant variability in response to inhaled corticosteroids for persistent asthma.
Academic Article Differential expression of TRAIL and TRAIL receptors in allergic asthmatics following segmental antigen challenge: evidence for a role of TRAIL in eosinophil survival.
Academic Article Leukotriene receptor antagonists in asthma therapy.
Academic Article Modulation of vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein in vivo in human epithelial cells by segmental allergen challenge and beta2-agonist therapy.
Academic Article Asthma exacerbations and formoterol.
Academic Article Use of regularly scheduled albuterol treatment in asthma: genotype-stratified, randomised, placebo-controlled cross-over trial.
Academic Article Allergic rhinitis, asthma, airway biology, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in AJRCCM in 2004.
Academic Article Investigative bronchoprovocation and bronchoscopy in airway diseases.
Academic Article beta-Adrenergic receptor polymorphisms and response to salmeterol.
Academic Article Novel and emerging therapies for asthma.
Academic Article Severe asthma: an overview.
Academic Article Safety of inhaled corticosteroids in the treatment of persistent asthma.
Academic Article Sequence, haplotype, and association analysis of ADRbeta2 in a multiethnic asthma case-control study.
Academic Article Combination therapy with a long-acting beta-agonist and a leukotriene antagonist in moderate asthma.
Academic Article The Predicting Response to Inhaled Corticosteroid Efficacy (PRICE) trial.
Academic Article Randomized comparison of strategies for reducing treatment in mild persistent asthma.
Academic Article Neutrophils in asthma.
Academic Article Lung function in adults with stable but severe asthma: air trapping and incomplete reversal of obstruction with bronchodilation.
Academic Article Interactive effects of steroids and beta-agonists on accumulation of type 2 T cells.
Academic Article Long-term safety and asthma control with budesonide/formoterol versus budesonide pressurized metered-dose inhaler in asthma patients.
Academic Article Identification of asthma phenotypes using cluster analysis in the Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article The irreversible component of persistent asthma.
Academic Article Effect of beta2-adrenergic receptor polymorphism on response to longacting beta2 agonist in asthma (LARGE trial): a genotype-stratified, randomised, placebo-controlled, crossover trial.
Academic Article Use of exhaled nitric oxide measurement to identify a reactive, at-risk phenotype among patients with asthma.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of asthma identifies RAD50-IL13 and HLA-DR/DQ regions.
Academic Article Analyses of asthma severity phenotypes and inflammatory proteins in subjects stratified by sputum granulocytes.
Academic Article Beta-2 adrenergic agonists: focus on safety and benefits versus risks.
Academic Article Subacute lack of asthma control and acute asthma exacerbation history as predictors of subsequent acute asthma exacerbations: evidence from managed care data.
Academic Article Asthma control and activity limitations: insights from the Real-world Evaluation of Asthma Control and Treatment (REACT) study.
Academic Article Asthma and gender impact accumulation of T cell subtypes.
Academic Article Vaccination of patients with mild and severe asthma with a 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus vaccine.
Academic Article Safety of investigative bronchoscopy in the Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: an association modified by age of asthma onset.
Academic Article Impact of race on asthma treatment failures in the asthma clinical research network.
Academic Article Asthma outcomes: pulmonary physiology.
Academic Article The IL6R variation Asp(358)Ala is a potential modifier of lung function in subjects with asthma.
Academic Article An association between L-arginine/asymmetric dimethyl arginine balance, obesity, and the age of asthma onset phenotype.
Concept Asthma
Academic Article Polygenic heritability estimates in pharmacogenetics: focus on asthma and related phenotypes.
Academic Article Biomarker surrogates do not accurately predict sputum eosinophil and neutrophil percentages in asthmatic subjects.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study identifies TH1 pathway genes associated with lung function in asthmatic patients.
Academic Article Counterpoint: Is measuring sputum eosinophils useful in the management of severe asthma? No, not for the vast majority of patients.
Academic Article Heterogeneity in the pathology and treatment of asthma.
Academic Article Tiotropium bromide triple combination therapy improves lung function and decreases asthma exacerbations.
Academic Article Predictors of response to tiotropium versus salmeterol in asthmatic adults.
Academic Article Inhaled corticosteroid treatment modulates ZNF432 gene variant's effect on bronchodilator response in asthmatics.
Academic Article Sputum neutrophil counts are associated with more severe asthma phenotypes using cluster analysis.
Academic Article Genetic predictors associated with improvement of asthma symptoms in response to inhaled corticosteroids.
Academic Article Effect of rare variants in ADRB2 on risk of severe exacerbations and symptom control during longacting ß agonist treatment in a multiethnic asthma population: a genetic study.
Academic Article Effect of vitamin D3 on asthma treatment failures in adults with symptomatic asthma and lower vitamin D levels: the VIDA randomized clinical trial.
Academic Article The risks, benefits, and uncertainties of stepping down asthma medications.
Academic Article Asthma phenotypes: nonallergic (intrinsic) asthma.
Academic Article Efficacy of nasal mometasone for the treatment of chronic sinonasal disease in patients with inadequately controlled asthma.
Academic Article Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies Novel Pharmacogenomic Loci For Therapeutic Response to Montelukast in Asthma.
Academic Article Reply: To PMID 25174863.
Academic Article Asthma Is More Severe in Older Adults.
Academic Article Impact of Age and Sex on Response to Asthma Therapy.
Academic Article Overlap of atopic, eosinophilic, and TH2-high asthma phenotypes in a general population with current asthma.
Academic Article Clinical Implications of Having Reduced Mid Forced Expiratory Flow Rates (FEF25-75), Independently of FEV1, in Adult Patients with Asthma.
Academic Article Vitamin D Supplementation and the Risk of Colds in Patients with Asthma.
Academic Article Acetaminophen versus Ibuprofen in Young Children with Mild Persistent Asthma.
Academic Article Asthma in the elderly: what we know and what we have yet to know.
Academic Article Serious Asthma Events with Budesonide plus Formoterol vs. Budesonide Alone.
Academic Article Features of the bronchial bacterial microbiome associated with atopy, asthma, and responsiveness to inhaled corticosteroid treatment.
Academic Article Individualized therapy for persistent asthma in young children.
Academic Article Effects of bronchoscopy on lung function in asthmatics.
Academic Article Inflammatory and Comorbid Features of Patients with Severe Asthma and Frequent Exacerbations.
Academic Article Effects of Age and Disease Severity on Systemic Corticosteroid Responses in Asthma.
Academic Article Asthma Yardstick: Practical recommendations for a sustained step-up in asthma therapy for poorly controlled asthma.
Academic Article Fluctuation Analysis of Peak Expiratory Flow and Its Association with Treatment Failure in Asthma.
Academic Article Race is associated with differences in airway inflammation in patients with asthma.
Grant Atlantic Coast Consortium for Asthma (ACC-A) AsthmaNet Clinical Site
Grant PGD2 Receptor Subtype Functions in T Cells from Asthmatics
Grant Asthma Clinical Research Network (ACRN)
Academic Article Asthma Exacerbations: Pathogenesis, Prevention, and Treatment.
Academic Article Obesity's effect on asthma extends to diagnostic criteria.
Academic Article Baseline Features of the Severe Asthma Research Program (SARP III) Cohort: Differences with Age.
Academic Article New and Anticipated Therapies for Severe Asthma.
Academic Article Step-Down Therapy for Asthma Well Controlled on Inhaled Corticosteroid and Long-Acting Beta-Agonist: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Internet-Based Monitoring in the Severe Asthma Research Program Identifies a Subgroup of Patients With Labile Asthma Control.
Academic Article Quintupling Inhaled Glucocorticoids to Prevent Childhood Asthma Exacerbations.
Academic Article Bacterial biogeography of adult airways in atopic asthma.
Academic Article Association of free vitamin D3 concentrations and asthma treatment failures in the VIDA Trial.
Academic Article The phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling pathway is a determinant of zileuton response in adults with asthma.
Academic Article Effects of endogenous sex hormones on lung function and symptom control in adolescents with asthma.
Academic Article Loss of bronchoprotection with ICS plus LABA treatment, ß-receptor dynamics, and the effect of alendronate.
Academic Article Racial disparities in asthma-related health care use in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Severe Asthma Research Program.
Academic Article A genome-wide association and admixture mapping study of bronchodilator drug response in African Americans with asthma.
Academic Article Mometasone or Tiotropium in Mild Asthma with a Low Sputum Eosinophil Level.
Academic Article Does Obesity Increase Respiratory Tract Infections in Patients with Asthma?
Academic Article Challenges in assessing the efficacy of systemic corticosteroids for severe wheezing episodes in preschool children.
Academic Article Adapting clinical trial design to maintain meaningful outcomes during a multicenter asthma trial in the precision medicine era.
Academic Article Systemic Markers of Inflammation in Smokers With Symptoms Despite Preserved Spirometry in SPIROMICS.
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