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overview Attempting to understand the relationships between drugs of abuse and emotional behaviors like fear and anxiety.
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Academic Article Early social isolation in male Long-Evans rats alters both appetitive and consummatory behaviors expressed during operant ethanol self-administration.
Academic Article Using monosodium glutamate to initiate ethanol self-administration in inbred mouse strains.
Academic Article Ethanol modulation of synaptic plasticity.
Academic Article Dopamine D3-like receptors modulate anxiety-like behavior and regulate GABAergic transmission in the rat lateral/basolateral amygdala.
Academic Article Adolescent rearing conditions influence the relationship between initial anxiety-like behavior and ethanol drinking in male Long Evans rats.
Academic Article Strychnine and taurine modulation of amygdala-associated anxiety-like behavior is 'state' dependent.
Academic Article Ethanol inhibition of kainate receptor-mediated excitatory neurotransmission in the rat basolateral nucleus of the amygdala.
Concept Compulsive Behavior
Concept Exploratory Behavior
Concept Drinking Behavior
Concept Food Preferences
Concept Behavior, Animal
Concept Social Isolation
Concept Motor Activity
Concept Alcohol Drinking
Concept Behavior, Addictive
Concept Choice Behavior
Concept Environment
Academic Article Microstructural analysis of rat ethanol and water drinking patterns using a modified operant self-administration model.
Academic Article Substitution of a mutant alpha2a-adrenergic receptor via "hit and run" gene targeting reveals the role of this subtype in sedative, analgesic, and anesthetic-sparing responses in vivo.
Academic Article Chronic ethanol exposure increases voluntary home cage intake in adult male, but not female, Long-Evans rats.
Academic Article Supersensitive Kappa Opioid Receptors Promotes Ethanol Withdrawal-Related Behaviors and Reduce Dopamine Signaling in the Nucleus Accumbens.
Grant Ethanol Dependence Induced Changes in Dopamine Signaling in Basolateral Amygdala
Grant Ethanol & Anxiety: Cellular Mechanisms
Academic Article The thiamine-dependent hysteretic behavior of human transketolase: implications for thiamine deficiency.
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