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Academic Article The structure and dynamics of the U4/U6 snRNP: implications for pre-mRNA splicing and use as a model system to investigate the RNA-mediated effects of (5F)Ura.
Academic Article Line shape analyses for water 17O NMR quintet observed in a bacteriophage Pf1 solution at different temperatures.
Academic Article Enhanced DNA-directed effects of FdUMP[10] compared to 5FU.
Academic Article NMR structure of the thrombin-binding DNA aptamer stabilized by Sr2+.
Academic Article Unfolding of G-quadruplexes: energetic, and ion and water contributions of G-quartet stacking.
Academic Article Increased heating efficiency and selective thermal ablation of malignant tissue with DNA-encased multiwalled carbon nanotubes.
Academic Article Genome-wide mRNA and microRNA profiling of the NCI 60 cell-line screen and comparison of FdUMP[10] with fluorouracil, floxuridine, and topoisomerase 1 poisons.
Academic Article Zn2+ selectively stabilizes FdU-substituted DNA through a unique major groove binding motif.
Academic Article Cooperative stabilization of Zn(2+):DNA complexes through netropsin binding in the minor groove of FdU-substituted DNA.
Academic Article Effects of site-specific substitution of 5-fluorouridine on the stabilities of duplex DNA and RNA.
Academic Article Solution structures of 5-fluorouracil-substituted DNA and RNA decamer duplexes.
Academic Article NMR spectroscopy as a tool to investigate the structural basis of anticancer drugs.
Academic Article Effect of cytarabine on the NMR structure of a model okazaki fragment from the SV40 genome.
Academic Article Shape-selective recognition of a model Okazaki fragment by geometrically-constrained bis-distamycins.
Academic Article Shape-selective binding of geometrically-constrained bis-distamycins to a DNA duplex and a model Okazaki fragment of identical sequence.
Academic Article NMR structure of a gemcitabine-substituted model Okazaki fragment.
Academic Article Energetic and conformational contributions to the stability of Okazaki fragments.
Academic Article Antimetabolite incorporation into DNA: structural and thermodynamic basis for anticancer activity.
Academic Article NMR study of the folding-unfolding mechanism for the thrombin-binding DNA aptamer d(GGTTGGTGTGGTTGG).
Academic Article A novel polypyrimidine antitumor agent FdUMP[10] induces thymineless death with topoisomerase I-DNA complexes.
Academic Article The stability of a model substrate for topoisomerase 1-mediated DNA religation depends on the presence of mismatched base pairs.
Academic Article Unique dual targeting of thymidylate synthase and topoisomerase1 by FdUMP[10] results in high efficacy against AML and low toxicity.
Academic Article Replication-dependent irreversible topoisomerase 1 poisoning is responsible for FdUMP[10] anti-leukemic activity.
Academic Article The affinity of an oligodeoxynucleotide-peptide conjugate for an RNA hairpin loop depends on stereochemistry at the DNA-peptide junction.
Academic Article Cytarabine-induced destabilization of a model Okazaki fragment.
Academic Article Polarity of annealing and structural analysis of the RNase H resistant alpha-5'-d[TACACA].beta-5'-r[AUGUGU] hybrid determined by high-field 1H, 13C, and 31P NMR analysis.
Academic Article Cytarabine-induced destabilization and bending of a model Okazaki fragment.
Academic Article Binding of ethidium to DNA measured using a 2D diffusion-modulated gradient COSY NMR experiment.
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Concept DNA, Bacterial
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Concept DNA, Neoplasm
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Concept DNA, Mitochondrial
Concept DNA Breaks, Single-Stranded
Concept DNA Topoisomerases, Type I
Concept DNA Breaks, Double-Stranded
Concept DNA Replication
Concept DNA Repair
Concept DNA, Single-Stranded
Academic Article Dimeric DNA Aptamer Complexes for High-capacity-targeted Drug Delivery Using pH-sensitive Covalent Linkages.
Academic Article TDP1 repairs nuclear and mitochondrial DNA damage induced by chain-terminating anticancer and antiviral nucleoside analogs.
Academic Article Non-covalent assembly of meso-tetra-4-pyridyl porphine with single-stranded DNA to form nano-sized complexes with hydrophobicity-dependent DNA release and anti-tumor activity.
Academic Article Site-specific DNA-doxorubicin conjugates display enhanced cytotoxicity to breast cancer cells.
Academic Article F10 cytotoxicity via topoisomerase I cleavage complex repair consistent with a unique mechanism for thymineless death.
Academic Article The Lown Symposium: The Field of DNA Minor Groove Binders Celebrates the Career of Professor J. William Lown.
Academic Article All-atom MD indicates ion-dependent behavior of therapeutic DNA polymer.
Academic Article Curcumin stably interacts with DNA hairpin through minor groove binding and demonstrates enhanced cytotoxicity in combination with FdU nucleotides.
Grant Development of a CF10 Predictive Gene Signature in CRC Organoids.
Grant Aptamer-Based Radiopharmaceuticals for the Targeted Alpha Particle Therapy of Prostate Cancer
Academic Article Thymineless Death by the Fluoropyrimidine Polymer F10 Involves Replication Fork Collapse and Is Enhanced by Chk1 Inhibition.
Academic Article Prexasertib treatment induces homologous recombination deficiency and synergizes with olaparib in triple-negative breast cancer cells.
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