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Academic Article Elevated admission white blood cell count in pregnant trauma patients: an indicator of ongoing placental abruption.
Academic Article Associated injuries in blunt solid organ trauma: implications for missed injury in nonoperative management.
Academic Article Acute respiratory distress syndrome in blunt trauma: identification of independent risk factors.
Academic Article External fixation or arteriogram in bleeding pelvic fracture: initial therapy guided by markers of arterial hemorrhage.
Academic Article Resuscitation with a novel hemoglobin-based oxygen carrier in a Swine model of uncontrolled perioperative hemorrhage.
Academic Article Novel resuscitation strategy for pulmonary contusion after severe chest trauma.
Academic Article Optimal threshold for diagnosis of ventilator-associated pneumonia using bronchoalveolar lavage.
Academic Article Relationship of early hyperglycemia to mortality in trauma patients.
Academic Article Injury-associated hypothermia: an analysis of the 2004 National Trauma Data Bank.
Academic Article Prospective comparison of bronchoalveolar lavage and quantitative deep tracheal aspirate in the diagnosis of ventilator associated pneumonia.
Academic Article Are plain radiographs of the spine necessary during evaluation after blunt trauma? Accuracy of screening torso computed tomography in thoracic/lumbar spine fracture diagnosis.
Academic Article National nosocomial infection surveillance system: from benchmark to bedside in trauma patients.
Academic Article Validation of stroke work and ventricular arterial coupling as markers of cardiovascular performance during resuscitation.
Academic Article A semi-automated approach for measuring splenic injury using computed tomography.
Academic Article Vacuum-assisted closure for defects of the abdominal wall.
Academic Article Multi-institutional experience using human acellular dermal matrix for ventral hernia repair in a compromised surgical field.
Academic Article Aberrant obturator artery is a common arterial variant that may be a source of unidentified hemorrhage in pelvic fracture patients.
Academic Article Multidrug-resistant pathogens and pneumonia: comparing the trauma and surgical intensive care units.
Academic Article Nonoperative management of adult blunt splenic injury with and without splenic artery embolotherapy: a meta-analysis.
Academic Article Creation and implementation of an emergency general surgery registry modeled after the National Trauma Data Bank.
Academic Article Systemic inflammation worsens outcomes in emergency surgical patients.
Academic Article An innovative approach to predict the development of adult respiratory distress syndrome in patients with blunt trauma.
Academic Article Locally derived versus guideline-based approach to treatment of hospital-acquired pneumonia in the trauma intensive care unit.
Academic Article National Trauma Institute prospective evaluation of the ventilator bundle in trauma patients: does it really work?
Academic Article Improving outcomes following penetrating colon wounds: application of a clinical pathway.
Academic Article Prospective screening for blunt cerebrovascular injuries: analysis of diagnostic modalities and outcomes.
Academic Article Blunt aortic injury with concomitant intra-abdominal solid organ injury: treatment priorities revisited.
Academic Article Late fascial closure in lieu of ventral hernia: the next step in open abdomen management.
Academic Article Does gender difference influence outcome?
Academic Article Current issues in trauma.
Academic Article Multiplicity of solid organ injury: influence on management and outcomes after blunt abdominal trauma.
Academic Article Complex blunt aortic injury or repair: beneficial effects of cardiopulmonary bypass use.
Academic Article Prospective evaluation of vacuum-assisted fascial closure after open abdomen: planned ventral hernia rate is substantially reduced.
Academic Article The trend of using computed tomography in the detection of acute thoracic aortic and branch vessel injury after blunt thoracic trauma: single-center experience over 13 years.
Academic Article Non-helmeted motorcyclists: a burden to society? A study using the National Trauma Data Bank.
Academic Article A practical application of practice-based learning: development of an algorithm for empiric antibiotic coverage in ventilator-associated pneumonia.
Academic Article The pathogenesis of pulmonary contusion: an open chest model in the rat.
Academic Article Risk of thoracolumbar fractures doubled in victims of motor vehicle collisions with cervical spine fractures.
Academic Article Colonic resection in the setting of damage control laparotomy: is delayed anastomosis safe?
Academic Article Increased insulin requirements are associated with pneumonia after severe injury.
Academic Article Potential mucosal injury related to continuous aspiration of subglottic secretion device.
Academic Article Traumatic pulmonary pathology measured with computed tomography and a semiautomated analytic method.
Academic Article Emergency department length of stay is an independent predictor of hospital mortality in trauma activation patients.
Academic Article Does Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II provide a valid metric to directly compare disease severity in trauma versus surgical intensive care unit patients?
Academic Article The splenic artery stump pressure is affected by arterial anatomy after proximal embolotherapy in blunt splenic injury.
Academic Article Stapled versus hand-sewn anastomoses in emergency general surgery: a retrospective review of outcomes in a unique patient population.
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Concept Abbreviated Injury Scale
Concept Trauma Severity Indices
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Concept Wounds, Gunshot
Concept Multiple Trauma
Concept Wounds, Penetrating
Concept Surgical Wound Infection
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Concept Head Injuries, Closed
Academic Article Measuring anatomic severity of disease in emergency general surgery.
Academic Article Prospective trial of angiography and embolization for all grade III to V blunt splenic injuries: nonoperative management success rate is significantly improved.
Academic Article The wandering bullet.
Academic Article Has the incidence of thoracolumbar spine injuries increased in the United States from 1998 to 2011?
Academic Article ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM mapping of the AAST Emergency General Surgery disease severity grading systems: Conceptual approach, limitations, and recommendations for the future.
Academic Article Trial of short-course antimicrobial therapy for intraabdominal infection.
Academic Article Prospective Evaluation of Weight-Based Prophylactic Enoxaparin Dosing in Critically Ill Trauma Patients: Adequacy of AntiXa Levels Is Improved.
Academic Article Subcapsular hematoma in blunt splenic injury: A significant predictor of failure of nonoperative management.
Academic Article Damage control operations in non-trauma patients: defining criteria for the staged rapid source control laparotomy in emergency general surgery.
Academic Article The American Association for the Surgery of Trauma grading scale for 16 emergency general surgery conditions: Disease-specific criteria characterizing anatomic severity grading.
Academic Article Patients with Risk Factors for Complications Do Not Require Longer Antimicrobial Therapy for Complicated Intra-Abdominal Infection.
Academic Article Stapled versus hand-sewn: A prospective emergency surgery study. An American Association for the Surgery of Trauma multi-institutional study.
Academic Article Predicting Mortality and Independence at Discharge in the Aging Traumatic Brain Injury Population Using Data Available at Admission.
Academic Article The spleen not taken: Differences in management and outcomes of blunt splenic injuries in teenagers cared for by adult and pediatric trauma teams in a single institution.
Academic Article Evaluation of a Device Combining an Inferior Vena Cava Filter and a Central Venous Catheter for Preventing Pulmonary Embolism Among Critically Ill Trauma Patients.
Academic Article Does Isolation of Enterococcus Affect Outcomes in Intra-Abdominal Infections?
Academic Article The capacity of ICD-10-CM/PCS to characterize surgical care.
Academic Article Defining burden and severity of disease for emergency general surgery.
Academic Article Use of posterior component separation and transversus abdominis release in trauma and emergency general surgery patients: a case report and review of the literature.
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