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Academic Article The single-epoch fMRI design: validation of a simplified paradigm for the collection of subjective ratings.
Academic Article Relationship between caffeine-induced changes in resting cerebral perfusion and blood oxygenation level-dependent signal.
Academic Article Separating neural processes using mixed event-related and epoch-based fMRI paradigms.
Academic Article The subjective experience of pain: where expectations become reality.
Academic Article Preliminary report: functional MRI of the brain may be the ideal tool for evaluating neuropsychologic and sleep complaints of patients with primary hyperparathyroidism.
Academic Article Clinical implementation of spin-tag perfusion magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Cross-modal deactivations during modality-specific selective attention.
Academic Article Fully automated processing of fMRI data in SPM: from MRI scanner to PACS.
Academic Article Age-related increase in cross-sensory noise in resting and steady-state cerebral perfusion.
Academic Article Comparison of characteristics between region-and voxel-based network analyses in resting-state fMRI data.
Academic Article A new measure of centrality for brain networks.
Academic Article Acute effect of a high nitrate diet on brain perfusion in older adults.
Academic Article Registration of images with varying topology using embedded maps.
Academic Article Consistency of network modules in resting-state FMRI connectome data.
Academic Article Deactivation of sensory-specific cortex by cross-modal stimuli.
Academic Article Multiple reproducibility indices for evaluation of cognitive functional MR imaging paradigms.
Academic Article Dietary caffeine consumption modulates fMRI measures.
Academic Article Cross-modal sensory processing in the anterior cingulate and medial prefrontal cortices.
Academic Article An automated method for neuroanatomic and cytoarchitectonic atlas-based interrogation of fMRI data sets.
Academic Article Precentral gyrus discrepancy in electronic versions of the Talairach atlas.
Academic Article Deactivations, global signal, and the default mode of brain function.
Academic Article On the use of superadditivity as a metric for characterizing multisensory integration in functional neuroimaging studies.
Academic Article Estimation of false discovery rates for wavelet-denoised statistical parametric maps.
Academic Article Nonrigid registration of images with different topologies using embedded maps.
Academic Article Aging and the interaction of sensory cortical function and structure.
Academic Article The impact of temporal regularization on estimates of the BOLD hemodynamic response function: a comparative analysis.
Academic Article Evaluating the impact of spatio-temporal smoothness constraints on the BOLD hemodynamic response function estimation: an analysis based on Tikhonov regularization.
Academic Article The association between frontal-striatal connectivity and sensorimotor control in cocaine users.
Academic Article An exponential random graph modeling approach to creating group-based representative whole-brain connectivity networks.
Academic Article Complexity in a brain-inspired agent-based model.
Concept Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Stability of whole brain and regional network topology within and between resting and cognitive states.
Academic Article The effects of alcohol on the nonhuman primate brain: a network science approach to neuroimaging.
Academic Article Age-related differences in advantageous decision making are associated with distinct differences in functional community structure.
Academic Article Graph theory analysis of functional brain networks and mobility disability in older adults.
Academic Article Functional brain networks formed using cross-sample entropy are scale free.
Academic Article The effects of chronic alcohol self-administration in nonhuman primate brain networks.
Academic Article A two-part mixed-effects modeling framework for analyzing whole-brain network data.
Academic Article Brain and White Matter Hyperintensity Volumes After 10 Years of Random Assignment to Lifestyle Intervention.
Academic Article Moderate-Heavy Alcohol Consumption Lifestyle in Older Adults Is Associated with Altered Central Executive Network Community Structure during Cognitive Task.
Academic Article Hippocampal Contributions to the Large-Scale Episodic Memory Network Predict Vivid Visual Memories.
Academic Article Baseline gray- and white-matter volume predict successful weight loss in the elderly.
Academic Article Relative differences in resting-state brain connectivity associated with long term intensive lifestyle intervention.
Grant The Effect of Aging on Cross-Modal Sensory Processing
Academic Article Beet Root Juice: An Ergogenic Aid for Exercise and the Aging Brain.
Academic Article The impacts of pesticide and nicotine exposures on functional brain networks in Latino immigrant workers.
Academic Article In Vivo Imaging of Venous Side Cerebral Small-Vessel Disease in Older Adults: An MRI Method at 7T.
Academic Article Dynamic fMRI networks predict success in a behavioral weight loss program among older adults.
Academic Article Functional Brain Network Changes Following Use of an Allostatic, Closed-Loop, Acoustic Stimulation Neurotechnology for Military-Related Traumatic Stress.
Academic Article Dynamic Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Connectivity Tensor Decomposition: A New Approach to Analyze and Interpret Dynamic Brain Connectivity.
Academic Article Physical Activity and Cerebral Small Vein Integrity in Older Adults.
Academic Article Sliding window correlation analysis: Modulating window shape for dynamic brain connectivity in resting state.
Academic Article Analysis of brain subnetworks within the context of their whole-brain networks.
Academic Article Longitudinal relationship of baseline functional brain networks with intentional weight loss in older adults.
Academic Article Entropic regression with neurologically motivated applications.
Academic Article Joint hub identification for brain networks by multivariate graph inference.
Academic Article Functional Brain Networks: Unique Patterns with Hedonic Appetite and Confidence to Resist Eating in Older Adults with Obesity.
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