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Academic Article Charge movement and transcription regulation of L-type calcium channel alpha(1S) in skeletal muscle cells.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-1 increases skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptor alpha 1S transcriptional activity by acting on the cAMP-response element-binding protein element of the promoter region.
Academic Article Ca(2+) calmodulin kinase and calcineurin mediate IGF-1-induced skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptor alpha(1S) transcription.
Academic Article Motor neurone targeting of IGF-1 prevents specific force decline in ageing mouse muscle.
Academic Article Enhanced dihydropyridine receptor calcium channel activity restores muscle strength in JP45/CASQ1 double knockout mice.
Academic Article Increased CaVbeta1A expression with aging contributes to skeletal muscle weakness.
Academic Article A critical role for muscle ring finger-1 in acute lung injury-associated skeletal muscle wasting.
Academic Article Insulin-like growth factor-1 enhances rat skeletal muscle charge movement and L-type Ca2+ channel gene expression.
Concept Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Concept Gene Expression Regulation
Academic Article Expression and regulation of excitation-contraction coupling proteins in aging skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Human slow troponin T (TNNT1) pre-mRNA alternative splicing is an indicator of skeletal muscle response to resistance exercise in older adults.
Academic Article The Cavß1a subunit regulates gene expression and suppresses myogenin in muscle progenitor cells.
Academic Article Improved knee extensor strength with resistance training associates with muscle specific miRNAs in older adults.
Academic Article Raptor ablation in skeletal muscle decreases Cav1.1 expression and affects the function of the excitation-contraction coupling supramolecular complex.
Academic Article Cardiac troponin T and fast skeletal muscle denervation in ageing.
Academic Article Troponin T3 associates with DNA consensus sequence that overlaps with p53 binding motifs.
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