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Academic Article Effects of combination estrogen plus progestin hormone treatment on cognition and affect.
Academic Article Neighborhood socioeconomic status and cognitive function in women.
Concept Longitudinal Studies
Academic Article Impact of weight loss on ankle-brachial index and interartery blood pressures.
Academic Article Change in brain and lesion volumes after CEE therapies: the WHIMS-MRI studies.
Academic Article Educational attainment, MRI changes, and cognitive function in older postmenopausal women from the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study.
Academic Article Concurrent and longitudinal relationships between cognitive activity, cognitive performance, and brain volume in older adult women.
Academic Article Global cognitive function before, surrounding, and after ischemic stroke: the role of risk and protective factors varies with time among ischemic stroke survivors.
Academic Article Impact of moderate physical activity on the longitudinal trajectory of a cardiac specific biomarker of injury: Results from a randomized pilot study of exercise intervention.
Academic Article Effect of a Long-Term Intensive Lifestyle Intervention on Cognitive Function: Action for Health in Diabetes Study.
Academic Article Negative Affect Is Associated With Higher Risk of Incident Cognitive Impairment in Nondepressed Postmenopausal Women.
Academic Article Trajectories of Relative Performance with 2 Measures of Global Cognitive Function.
Academic Article Particulate matter and episodic memory decline mediated by early neuroanatomic biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Changes in Cardiovascular Risk Factors Over 6 Years in Young Adults in a Randomized Trial of Weight Gain Prevention.
Academic Article Exposure to fine particulate matter and temporal dynamics of episodic memory and depressive symptoms in older women.
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  • Longitudinal Studies