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Academic Article Abortive versus productive viral infection of dendritic cells with a paramyxovirus results in differential upregulation of select costimulatory molecules.
Academic Article Cutting edge: CD8+ T cell clones possess the potential to differentiate into both high- and low-avidity effector cells.
Academic Article Differentiation-dependent differences in murine T cell susceptibility to negative regulation by the lung.
Academic Article Changes in functional but not structural avidity during differentiation of CD8+ effector cells in vivo after virus infection.
Academic Article Dose-dependent modulation of CD8 and functional avidity as a result of peptide encounter.
Academic Article Regulation of maturation and activating potential in CD8+ versus CD8- dendritic cells following in vivo infection with vaccinia virus.
Academic Article Functional divergence among CD103+ dendritic cell subpopulations following pulmonary poxvirus infection.
Academic Article Differential expansion and survival of high and low avidity cytotoxic T cell populations during the immune response to a viral infection.
Concept Cell Differentiation
Academic Article High viral burden restricts short-lived effector cell number at late times postinfection through increased natural regulatory T cell expansion.
Academic Article CD4+ T cell subset differentiation and avidity setpoint are dictated by the interplay of cytokine and antigen mediated signals.
Grant Control of cytotoxic T cell differentiation and activity
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