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Academic Article Peripheral blood-derived bovine dendritic cells promote IgG1-restricted B cell responses in vitro.
Academic Article Severely impaired B lymphocyte proliferation, survival, and induction of the c-Myc:Cullin 1 ubiquitin ligase pathway resulting from CD22 deficiency on the C57BL/6 genetic background.
Academic Article The innate mononuclear phagocyte network depletes B lymphocytes through Fc receptor-dependent mechanisms during anti-CD20 antibody immunotherapy.
Academic Article The peritoneal cavity provides a protective niche for B1 and conventional B lymphocytes during anti-CD20 immunotherapy in mice.
Academic Article CD22: a multifunctional receptor that regulates B lymphocyte survival and signal transduction.
Academic Article CD22 ligand binding regulates normal and malignant B lymphocyte survival in vivo.
Academic Article Stromal complement receptor CD21/35 facilitates lymphoid prion colonization and pathogenesis.
Academic Article Maintenance of long-lived plasma cells and serological memory despite mature and memory B cell depletion during CD20 immunotherapy in mice.
Academic Article B-cell homeostasis requires complementary CD22 and BLyS/BR3 survival signals.
Academic Article Amplified B lymphocyte CD40 signaling drives regulatory B10 cell expansion in mice.
Academic Article Partial splenectomy but not total splenectomy preserves immunoglobulin M memory B cells in mice.
Academic Article Programmed cell death 1 suppresses B-1b cell expansion and long-lived IgG production in response to T cell-independent type 2 antigens.
Academic Article Primate B-1 cells generate antigen-specific B cell responses to T cell-independent type 2 antigens.
Academic Article Activation of bovine B cells via surface immunoglobulin M cross-linking or CD40 ligation results in different B-cell phenotypes.
Academic Article CD19-CD21 complex regulates an intrinsic Src family kinase amplification loop that links innate immunity with B-lymphocyte intracellular calcium responses.
Academic Article Use of the mannan receptor to selectively target vaccine antigens for processing and antigen presentation through the MHC class I and class II pathways.
Academic Article Identification and characterization of a novel regulatory factor: IgA-inducing protein.
Academic Article Mouse CD20 expression and function.
Academic Article CD22 regulates B lymphocyte function in vivo through both ligand-dependent and ligand-independent mechanisms.
Academic Article The CD19-CD21 signal transduction complex of B lymphocytes regulates the balance between health and autoimmune disease: systemic sclerosis as a model system.
Academic Article B-1a and B-1b cells exhibit distinct developmental requirements and have unique functional roles in innate and adaptive immunity to S. pneumoniae.
Academic Article Complement component C3d-antigen complexes can either augment or inhibit B lymphocyte activation and humoral immunity in mice depending on the degree of CD21/CD19 complex engagement.
Academic Article The level of IgE produced by a B cell is regulated by norepinephrine in a p38 MAPK- and CD23-dependent manner.
Academic Article A regulatory B cell subset with a unique CD1dhiCD5+ phenotype controls T cell-dependent inflammatory responses.
Academic Article Protective and pathogenic roles for B cells during systemic autoimmunity in NZB/W F1 mice.
Academic Article The reversible formation of cysteine sulfenic acid promotes B-cell activation and proliferation.
Academic Article The identification and characterization of a ligand for bovine CD5.
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Concept Tumor Cells, Cultured
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Concept Cells, Cultured
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Concept B-Lymphocytes
Academic Article C4 Deficiency is a predisposing factor for Streptococcus pneumoniae-induced autoantibody production.
Academic Article PD-1 suppresses protective immunity to Streptococcus pneumoniae through a B cell-intrinsic mechanism.
Academic Article The effects of diet-induced obesity on B cell function.
Academic Article B-1 lymphocytes in mice and nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Valency and density matter: Deciphering impacts of immunogen structures on immune responses against a tumor associated carbohydrate antigen using synthetic glycopolymers.
Academic Article PD-L2 Regulates B-1 Cell Antibody Production against Phosphorylcholine through an IL-5-Dependent Mechanism.
Academic Article CD22 Promotes B-1b Cell Responses to T Cell-Independent Type 2 Antigens.
Academic Article An Adjuvant That Increases Protective Antibody Responses to Polysaccharide Antigens and Enables Recall Responses.
Academic Article Activation of B-1 Cells Promotes Tumor Cell Killing in the Peritoneal Cavity.
Academic Article The nuclear structural protein NuMA is a negative regulator of 53BP1 in DNA double-strand break repair.
Academic Article A TLR4-TRIF-dependent signaling pathway is required for protective natural tumor-reactive IgM production by B1 cells.
Academic Article Type I IFN, Ly6C+ cells, and Phagocytes Support Suppression of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis Elicited by a TLR and CLR Agonist Combination.
Academic Article Tissue-resident PSGL1loCD4+ T cells promote B cell differentiation and chronic graft-versus-host disease-associated autoimmunity.
Academic Article B Cell Subsets Differentially Contribute to the T Cell-Independent Memory Pool.
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