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overview Kathryn Weaver, PhD, MPH is is a Professor in the Departments of Social Sciences and Health Policy, Implementation Science, and the Translational Science Institute at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. She completed a PhD in Clinical Health Psychology at the University of Miami, an MPH from the University of Illinois-Chicago, and postdoctoral training at the National Cancer Institute in the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program. Dr. Weaver serves as the multiple PI of the Wake Forest NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) Research Base where she oversees a portfolio of cancer control and cancer care delivery multi-site trials. She also co-directs the KL2 Career Development Program within the Wake Forest Clinical Translational Science Institute. Within the Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center, Dr. Weaver serves as the Associate Director for Population Sciences. Dr. Weaver’s research focuses on cancer health disparities, cancer care delivery, and post-treatment follow-up care among cancer survivors, with a particular emphasis on rural and underserved populations.
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Academic Article Rural-urban disparities in health status among US cancer survivors.
Academic Article Mental and physical health-related quality of life among U.S. cancer survivors: population estimates from the 2010 National Health Interview Survey.
Academic Article Cardiovascular risk factors among long-term survivors of breast, prostate, colorectal, and gynecologic cancers: a gap in survivorship care?
Academic Article Physicians' decision-making style and psychosocial outcomes among cancer survivors.
Academic Article Forgoing medical care because of cost: assessing disparities in healthcare access among cancer survivors living in the United States.
Academic Article Parental cancer and the family: a population-based estimate of the number of US cancer survivors residing with their minor children.
Concept Survivors
Academic Article Receipt of psychosocial care among cancer survivors in the United States.
Academic Article Racial/Ethnic disparities in health care receipt among male cancer survivors.
Academic Article Rural-urban differences in health behaviors and implications for health status among US cancer survivors.
Academic Article The health and welfare of rural and urban cancer survivors in Missouri.
Academic Article Are survivors who report cancer-related financial problems more likely to forgo or delay medical care?
Academic Article Impact of rural residence on forgoing healthcare after cancer because of cost.
Academic Article Characteristics associated with the use of complementary health approaches among long-term cancer survivors.
Academic Article Role of oncologists and primary care physicians in providing follow-up care to non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors within 5 years of diagnosis: a population-based study.
Academic Article Social support, self-efficacy for decision-making, and follow-up care use in long-term cancer survivors.
Academic Article Follow-up care experiences and perceived quality of care among long-term survivors of breast, prostate, colorectal, and gynecologic cancers.
Academic Article Physical and mental health among cancer survivors: considerations for long-term care and quality of life.
Academic Article Racial and ethnic disparities in patient-provider communication, quality-of-care ratings, and patient activation among long-term cancer survivors.
Academic Article The complex health profile of long-term cancer survivors: prevalence and predictors of comorbid conditions.
Academic Article Disparities in barriers to follow-up care between African American and White breast cancer survivors.
Academic Article Physical Functioning among Women 80 Years of Age and Older With and Without a Cancer History.
Grant Survivorship Care Planning and Communication for Rural Breast Cancer Survivors
Grant A Stepped-Care Telehealth Approach to Treat Distress in Rural Cancer Survivors
Grant Cancer-Related Follow-Up Care Experiences of Rural Cancer Survivors
Grant Reducing Lung Cancer Survivor Anxiety (RELAX) with Brief Device-Guided Breathing
Grant Prevalence and Health Status of Cancer Survivors in the Rural US
Grant End of Treatment Transition to Follow-Up Care among Early Stage Lung Cancer Survi
Grant Assessing efficacy and implementation of an EHR tool to assess heart health among survivors
Academic Article Examining urban and rural differences in perceived timeliness of care among cancer patients: A SEER-CAHPS study.
Academic Article Preferences for breast cancer survivorship care by rural/urban residence and age at diagnosis.
Academic Article Rural cancer survivors' health information needs post-treatment.
Academic Article Cardiovascular Assessment Tool for Breast Cancer Survivors and Oncology Providers: Usability Study.
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