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Academic Article Dietary hydrogenated fat increases high-density lipoprotein apoA-I catabolism and decreases low-density lipoprotein apoB-100 catabolism in hypercholesterolemic women.
Academic Article Plasma cholesteryl esters provided by lecithin:cholesterol acyltransferase and acyl-coenzyme a:cholesterol acyltransferase 2 have opposite atherosclerotic potential.
Academic Article ACAT inhibitors CL 283,546 and CL 283,796 reduce LDL cholesterol without affecting cholesterol absorption in African green monkeys.
Academic Article Tissue-specific roles of ABCA1 influence susceptibility to atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Low density lipoproteins in atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Studies of low density lipoprotein molecular weight in human beings with coronary artery disease.
Academic Article Compared with dietary monounsaturated and saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat protects African green monkeys from coronary artery atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Hepatic ACAT activity in African green monkeys is highly correlated to plasma LDL cholesteryl ester enrichment and coronary artery atherosclerosis.
Academic Article Low density lipoprotein particle size and core cholesteryl ester physical state affect the proton NMR magnetic environment of fatty acid methylene and methyl nuclei.
Academic Article The effects of testosterone on lipids and eicosanoids in cynomolgus monkeys.
Academic Article Effects of hormone replacement modalities on low density lipoprotein composition and distribution in ovariectomized cynomolgus monkeys.
Concept Cholesterol, LDL
Academic Article Liver ABCA1 deletion in LDLrKO mice does not impair macrophage reverse cholesterol transport or exacerbate atherogenesis.
Academic Article Myeloid cell-specific ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 deletion has minimal impact on atherogenesis in atherogenic diet-fed low-density lipoprotein receptor knockout mice.
Academic Article Myeloid Deletion of a1AMPK Exacerbates Atherosclerosis in LDL Receptor Knockout (LDLRKO) Mice.
Grant Regulation of ApoB Lipoprotein Expansion and Hepatic Lipid Efflux by ApoA-IV
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