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Concept Contrast Media
Academic Article Novel High Spatiotemporal Resolution Versus Standard-of-Care Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Breast MRI: Comparison of Image Quality.
Academic Article Iterative projection reconstruction of time-resolved images using highly-constrained back-projection (HYPR).
Academic Article Intraindividual Crossover Comparison of Gadoxetic Acid Dose for Liver MRI in Normal Volunteers.
Academic Article Interleaved variable density sampling with a constrained parallel imaging reconstruction for dynamic contrast-enhanced MR angiography.
Academic Article Combined dynamic contrast-enhanced liver MRI and MRA using interleaved variable density sampling.
Academic Article Imaging of lung ventilation and respiratory dynamics in a single ventilation cycle using hyperpolarized He-3 MRI.
Academic Article Flow-induced signal misallocation artifacts in two-point fat-water chemical shift MRI.
Academic Article Design of k-space channel combination kernels and integration with parallel imaging.
Academic Article Three-dimensional imaging of ventilation dynamics in asthmatics using multiecho projection acquisition with constrained reconstruction.
Academic Article Helium-3 MR q-space imaging with radial acquisition and iterative highly constrained back-projection.
Academic Article Combined gadoxetic acid and gadofosveset enhanced liver MRI: A feasibility and parameter optimization study.
Academic Article Navigator flip angle optimization for free-breathing T1-weighted hepatobiliary phase imaging with gadoxetic acid.
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