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Academic Article Principals of neovascularization for tissue engineering.
Academic Article Restoration of functional motor units in a rat model of sphincter injury by muscle precursor cell autografts.
Academic Article Stem cells: cross-talk and developmental programs.
Academic Article Initial clinical results of the bioartificial kidney containing human cells in ICU patients with acute renal failure.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid stem cells can integrate and differentiate into epithelial lung lineages.
Academic Article A keratin biomaterial gel hemostat derived from human hair: evaluation in a rabbit model of lethal liver injury.
Academic Article In vivo evaluation of acellular human dermis for abdominal wall repair.
Academic Article Vascular therapy for radiation cystitis.
Academic Article Human amniotic fluid stem cell preconditioning improves their regenerative potential.
Academic Article Re: Innervation of Reconstructed Bladder Above the Level of Spinal Cord Injury for Inducing Micturition by Contractions of the Abdomen-to-Bladder Reflex Arc.
Academic Article Re: TRPA1 receptor modulation attenuates bladder overactivity induced by spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Ischemia/reperfusion-induced renal failure in rats as a model for evaluating cell therapies.
Academic Article Advent and maturation of regenerative medicine.
Academic Article Assessments of injectable alginate particle-embedded fibrin hydrogels for soft tissue reconstruction.
Academic Article Oxygen producing biomaterials for tissue regeneration.
Academic Article Halofuginone-coated urethral catheters prevent periurethral spongiofibrosis in a rat model of urethral injury.
Academic Article Repair of peripheral nerve defects in rabbits using keratin hydrogel scaffolds.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine as applied to general surgery.
Academic Article Bioprinted amniotic fluid-derived stem cells accelerate healing of large skin wounds.
Academic Article Cell therapy with human renal cell cultures containing erythropoietin-positive cells improves chronic kidney injury.
Concept Soft Tissue Injuries
Concept Wound Healing
Concept Lung Injury
Concept Tendon Injuries
Concept Radiation Injuries, Experimental
Concept Trauma, Nervous System
Concept Reperfusion Injury
Concept Spinal Cord Injuries
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Academic Article Understanding the role of growth factors in modulating stem cell tenogenesis.
Academic Article Tissue engineering in urethral reconstruction.
Academic Article Re: enhanced susceptibility to urinary tract infection in the spinal cord-injured host with neurogenic bladder.
Academic Article The potential role of regenerative medicine in the man-agement of traumatic patients.
Academic Article A liver-on-a-chip platform with bioprinted hepatic spheroids.
Academic Article Applying Regenerative Medicine to Battlefield Injuries.
Academic Article Use of trimetasphere metallofullerene MRI contrast agent for the non-invasive longitudinal tracking of stem cells in the lung.
Academic Article Re: Marked Protection against Acute Renal and Hepatic Injury after Nitrited Myoglobin + Tin Protoporphyrin Administration.
Academic Article Re: Targeted Fibrillar Nanocarbon RNAi Treatment of Acute Kidney Injury.
Academic Article Wound Healing Versus Regeneration: Role of the Tissue Environment in Regenerative Medicine.
Academic Article A tunable hydrogel system for long-term release of cell-secreted cytokines and bioprinted in situ wound cell delivery.
Academic Article In vitro skin expansion: Wound healing assessment.
Academic Article Solubilized Amnion Membrane Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Accelerates Full-Thickness Wound Healing.
Academic Article A Review of Anesthetic Effects on Renal Function: Potential Organ Protection.
Academic Article In Situ Tissue Regeneration of Renal Tissue Induced by Collagen Hydrogel Injection.
Academic Article Long-term therapeutic effect of cell therapy on improvement in erectile function in a rat model with pelvic neurovascular injury.
Academic Article In Situ Bioprinting of Autologous Skin Cells Accelerates Wound Healing of Extensive Excisional Full-Thickness Wounds.
Academic Article In vitro evaluation of functionalized decellularized muscle scaffold for in situ skeletal muscle regeneration.
Academic Article Skin bioprinting: the future of burn wound reconstruction?
Academic Article Amnion membrane hydrogel and amnion membrane powder accelerate wound healing in a full thickness porcine skin wound model.
Academic Article Skin tissue regeneration for burn injury.
Academic Article Use of uniformly sized muscle fiber fragments for restoration of muscle tissue function.
Academic Article Reno-protection of Urine-derived Stem Cells in A Chronic Kidney Disease Rat Model Induced by Renal Ischemia and Nephrotoxicity.
Academic Article Bioprinted Skin Recapitulates Normal Collagen Remodeling in Full-Thickness Wounds.
Academic Article Self-Assembling Peptide Solution Accelerates Hemostasis.
Academic Article Administration of secretome from human placental stem cell-conditioned media improves recovery of erectile function in the pelvic neurovascular injury model.
Academic Article Dynamic Changes in Erectile Function and Histological Architecture After Intracorporal Injection of Human Placental Stem Cells in a Pelvic Neurovascular Injury Rat Model.
Academic Article Extracellular vesicles from three dimensional culture of human placental mesenchymal stem cells ameliorated renal ischemia/reperfusion injury.
Academic Article Human placental-derived stem cell therapy ameliorates experimental necrotizing enterocolitis.
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